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“Recently” Printed

Here are a few items from last semester:

A kitty to watch over you while you study:


A tool part for a Columbia Space Initiative project, printed in two different orientations — depending on the stresses a particular piece might encounter, having the print done in one orientation or another can make a difference in durability and performance:


David‘s head, judging you a little:

Happy Holidays!

Given that there are still a few things in the queue, it’s probably safe to say that we’re done processing submissions for the year.  Feel free to send them in, just know that they’ll be dealt with when we start up again in January.

Here are a few recent prints.

And here’s a recycled holiday greeting, since I didn’t get a chance to print a new one this year:

Thanks a lot to all our users — your imagination and creativity knows no bounds.

Recently Printed

I’ve been a little remiss about photographing the latest prints, but here’s a fossil hominid skull fragment.


If you’re having a little trouble figuring out the orientation, here’s an artist’s rendering.