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As can be imagined, there are quite a number of patents to be found within this collection. In addition to Armstrong’s patents, a variety of patents issued to other individuals can be found as well.

Armstrong was issued five patents on December 26, 1933. The first is patent number 1,941,066 titled: "Radio Signaling System," the second is patent 1,941,067:"Radio Broadcasting and Receiving," the third is patent 1,941,068:  "Radiosignaling," the fourth is patent 1,941,069:  "Radiosignaling" (specifically dealing with noise suppression), and the last is patent 1,941,447:  "Radio Telephone Signaling."

I came upon a patent application that appears to have been "dropped". You will see in the documents I have posted here that Armstrong filed for a patent for improvements in "Radio Signaling," through his attorneys Moses & Nolte, on March 26, 1931.

Application for Patent. Armstrong. Radio Signaling. 1931 March 26

Armstrong’s attorney requested an amendment from Armstrong based on an "office action" from the U.S. Patent Office, where they cite patent number 1,797,317. Patent number 1,797,317, titled "Binaural Phase-Discrimination Radio System," was granted on March 24, 1931 to Smart Brand and Pierre Mertz, assignors to American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Request for Amendment.Radio Signaling. 1932 April 27

Armstrong’s written disclosure (first four pages) for this patent application, along with accompanying figures, can be seen below.

Armstrong.Disclosure Draft.1930 April 21.Page 1


Armstrong.Disclosure Draft.1930 April 21.Page 2












Armstrong.Disclosure Draft.1930 April 21.Page 3




Armstrong.Disclosure Draft.1930 April 21.Page 4











Armstrong.Disclosure Draft. Figure I.1930 August 21



Armstrong.Disclosure Draft. Figure II.1930 August 21











 Instead of making the amendment as requested by his attorney, Armstrong decided to let the application drop.  From reading Armstrong’s patents listed earlier, I can not tell if this dropped application was rewritten into alternate Armstrong patent. Perhaps someone can shed some light on this?

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