You can now access Sanborn maps easily through the new ProQuest Sanborn Maps Geo Edition!

Check it out: go to Library Web and select Databases. Do this simple keyword search: "sanborn proquest geo" and click on the link. Under "To Get Started" you can search by an address or simply choose a location by clicking on the link "Browse to a location" and choose a city from the alphabetical list that appears. You click on any location on the map that appears and the Sanborn map for that specific spot will download, with a choice of years to view and compare.

About Geo and Sanborn: ProQuest Sanborn Maps Geo Edition (1867-1970) provides digital access to thousands of large-scale maps of American towns and cities, searchable by address and GPS coordinates.

Sanborn fire insurance maps are the most frequently consulted maps in libraries. Founded in 1867 by D.A. Sanborn, the Sanborn Map Company was the primary American publisher of fire insurance maps for nearly 100 years.

By applying the latest in geo-referencing technology to the collections, Sanborn Maps Geo Edition allows for increased discovery and greater ease of use that can unlock the histories of urban America.

–by Jeffrey Ross, Avery Indexer/Reference Librarian



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  1. Hi Sandra- the Sanborn maps have to be searched by city first–what city were you looking for? Not every city in the US had maps…that may be the reason your search came up empty. If you need additional research help, please contact Avery help:

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