Account Books in Avery Classics Collection

Readers who missed the Morgan Library’s recent exhibition Lists: To-dos, Illustrated Inventories, Collected Thoughts, and Other Artists’ Enumerations from the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art, which closed on October 2, can get their fix at Avery Library.

Avery has hundreds of architects’ notebooks, sketchbooks, account books and other personal documents of the building trade. To name just one example, Avery Classics owns an account book kept by Martin E. Thompson (1796–1877), a New York architect who practiced in partnership with Ithiel Town. Pictured is a detail from the account book showing a payment receipt from 1835 for work completed on six houses on Thompson Street.

Additional drawings and papers of Martin E. Thompson are kept in Drawings & Archives.

–by Carolyn Yerkes, Curator of Avery Classics




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