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Avery Library Orientation Tours

Want to know about our collections? Take an Avery Library Tour!!
Meet at the Library’s Front Desk (entry-level/300-level)

No sign up necessary for Art History, Urban Planning and Historic Preservation tours
Wednesday    Aug. 29, 2012
1-1:45pm                             Urban Planning
2-2:45pm                             Urban Planning
3-3:45pm                             Urban Planning
4-4:45pm                             Urban Planning

Thursday    Aug. 30, 2012                    
12n-12:45pm                       Art History (PhD)
1-1:45pm                             Historic Preservation
2-2:45pm                             Art History (MA)
3-3:45pm                             Art History (MA)
3-3:45pm                             Historic Preservation

Sign up for Architecture/General tours at the Library Service Desk (200-level) in Avery Library.
Friday    Sept. 7, 2012                     
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General
Tuesday    Sept. 11, 2012                   
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General
Thursday    Sept. 13, 2012                   
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General
Friday    Sept. 14, 2012
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General
Monday    Sept. 17, 2012                   
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General
Tuesday    Sept. 18, 2012                   
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General
Friday    Sept. 21, 2012                   
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General
Monday    Sept. 24, 2012                   
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General

Thinkers for Architects series

Examining some of the most important, and most daunting philosophy of the 20th Century, the series Thinkers for Architects looks at the critical dialog on space, architecture, and experience in the built environment provided by leading lights of contemporary philosophy. Here are the two latest volumes in the series available at Avery Library.

Brian Elliott.
Benjamin for architects.
New York, N.Y.: Routledge, 2011
Avery-LC B3209.B584 E45 2011

Walter Benjamin has become a decisive reference point for a whole range of critical disciplines, as he constructed a unique and provocative synthesis of aesthetics, politics and philosophy. Examining Benjamin ‘s contributions to cultural criticism in relation to the works of Max Ernst, Adolf Loos, Le Corbusier and Sigfried Giedion, this book also situates Benjamin ‘s work within more recent developments in architecture and urbanism. This is a concise, coherent account of the relevance of Walter Benjamin ‘s writings to architects, locating Benjamin ‘s critical work within the context of contemporary architecture and urbanism.






Richard Coyne.
Derrida for architects.
New York, N.Y.: Routledge, 2011
Avery-LC B2430.D484 C69 2011

Looking afresh at the implications of Jacques Derrida "s thinking for architecture, this book simplifies his ideas in a clear, concise way. Derrida s treatment of key philosophical texts has been labelled as "deconstruction," a term that resonates with architecture. Although his main focus is language, his thinking has been applied by architectural theorists widely. As well as a review of Derrida ‘s interaction with architecture, this book is also a careful consideration of the implications of his thinking, particularly on the way architecture is practiced.

-text from publisher website

Covered Bridges of New England

Avery readers heading north to New England this August might enjoy the unique materials on covered bridges that are kept in the Avery Classics Collection.

Created by James L. Duncan, Old Covered Bridges, At Home and Abroad is a four-volume set that includes a beautiful group of pen-and-ink drawings like this one of the Bliss Bridge in Wolcott, Vermont [photo above]. The volumes also contain photographs, woodcuts, and postcards of covered bridges from around the world. Assembled between 1914 and 1936, Old Covered Bridges records many structures that are no longer extant.

Also in Avery Classics is a manuscript by D.A. Gregg entitled Preliminary Draft of the Remaining Covered Bridges of New Hampshire.  Written in Wilton, New Hampshire between 1938 and 1940, this document includes dozens of vintage photographs of bridges that are now lost.

Avery Welcomes Leo Stezano

Leo Stezano joins the Avery Library as the Project Manager for the Seymour B. Durst Old York Library Collection project. An experienced software professional, Leo received his Master of Science in Library and Information Studies from Syracuse University in December of 2011, with a focus on digital libraries. He earned dual BA/BE degrees in engineering from Dartmouth College, Thayer School of Engineering and is an active member of ALA and LITA.

Prior to joining the Avery Library staff, Leo was Product Manager at HERAE LLC, a software startup dedicated to creating new products and functionality to better meet the needs of large healthcare organizations. Leo’s other professional roles include project management, business analysis, software development, and financial modeling.

Leo possesses extensive experience helping large, diverse teams stay focused on strategic goals under aggressive timelines and tight budgets. We look forward to working with Leo to successfully realize the goals of the Durst Old York Library project.