Fine Arts Databases from Ebsco at Avery Library

logoEhostEBSCOHost Research Databases (for Columbia University affiliates, or visitors to the library) contain periodical indexes useful to Art Historians.

To access this conglomerated resource, get into CLIO, type “ebscohost research databases” and click on the first URL found under the CATALOG section. Once in, click on the words “CHOOSE DATABASES,” deselect all (unless you are performing unique term searches), then select the individual indexes that look appropriate—a sample of which are listed below. If you drag your mouse over the sheet of paper icon to the right of each index title, it will tell you about the index. Soon you’ll get to know which ones are important for you.

Art source1. Art Source:
The long standard Art History index Wilson’s Art Index,  is now sold through EBSCO,  has merged with EBSCO’s Art & Architecture Complete, which has been renamed Art Source.  It covers literature from the late 1920s to date.


Index19thCenturyAmerican_Masthead_Web2. Index to 19th-Century American Art Periodicals:
An index of articles to 42 American art journals published between 1800-1899.


Anniversary-logo-WEB3. Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals:
The standard architectural periodical index created at Avery Library covering articles in architectural journals in all European languages, as well as some non-Roman languages from the 19th century to date.


Frick_thumbnail_100x1004. Frick Art Reference Library Periodicals Index:
An index created by the Frick Art Reference Library of The Frick Collection in New York, it indexes art history periodicals written in English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, and Scandinavian from the mid-19th century until the middle of the 1960s.

NOTE:  EBSCO offers many other indexes that may prove useful to an art historian, such as: Alternative Press Index and its Archive, FRANCIS, Index to Jewish Periodicals, MLA International Bibliography, and many more.

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