Avery Library Welcomes Students

Avery Library welcomes new and returning students! We hope you had a great vacation and are ready for the new semester.

Just a couple of quick reminders:

When we are not available for reference questions you can click on “Ask a Librarian” to be connected to Virtual Reference.

Our hours for the Fall semester are here.

We are giving tours of the library and resources. Here is the tour schedule:

Open tours (45 minutes; limited to 15 people/tour; sign-up sheets at the Avery Library Service Desk & meet at the Service Desk)

All held at 12noon

Thurs. 9/10 

Fri. 9/11
Tues. 9/15 
Thurs. 9/17 
Fri. 9/18
Mon. 9/21
Tues. 9/22
Thurs. 9/24
Fri. 9/25


Scheduled tours as part of Departmental orientations:
Historic Preservation
Thurs. 9/3 — 1:00pm (2 tours) 

Art History
Thurs. 9/3 — 12noon (PhDs) 
Thurs. 9/3 — 2:00pm (Master’s)
Thurs. 9/3 — 3:00pm (Master’s/critical & curatorial studies)

Urban Planning 
Fri. 9/4  12noon (2 tours)
Fri. 9/4 —  1:00pm


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