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Welcome back students!!

Avery Library welcomes back students! We hope you had a great vacation and are ready for the new semester.

Just a couple of quick reminders:

When we are not available for reference questions you can click on "Ask a Librarian" to be connected to Virtual Reference.

Our hours for the Spring semester are here.

Best wishes,

Avery Staff

Avery Library Orientation Tours

Want to know about our collections? Take an Avery Library Tour!!
Meet at the Library’s Front Desk (entry-level/300-level)

No sign up necessary for Art History, Urban Planning and Historic Preservation tours
Wednesday    Aug. 29, 2012
1-1:45pm                             Urban Planning
2-2:45pm                             Urban Planning
3-3:45pm                             Urban Planning
4-4:45pm                             Urban Planning

Thursday    Aug. 30, 2012                    
12n-12:45pm                       Art History (PhD)
1-1:45pm                             Historic Preservation
2-2:45pm                             Art History (MA)
3-3:45pm                             Art History (MA)
3-3:45pm                             Historic Preservation

Sign up for Architecture/General tours at the Library Service Desk (200-level) in Avery Library.
Friday    Sept. 7, 2012                     
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General
Tuesday    Sept. 11, 2012                   
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General
Thursday    Sept. 13, 2012                   
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General
Friday    Sept. 14, 2012
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General
Monday    Sept. 17, 2012                   
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General
Tuesday    Sept. 18, 2012                   
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General
Friday    Sept. 21, 2012                   
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General
Monday    Sept. 24, 2012                   
12n-12:45pm                      Architecture/General

Spring Intersession Hours Start Friday May 11


Be sure to check our hours before coming to the Library!
Intersession hours run from May 11 to May 20 and the Library will be operating on a reduced schedule.

Please note that Avery Library will be closed for study on Monday May 14 due to the annual Display of Recent Acquisitions event.  

Summer session hours begin on May 21.



Please check out our online calendar for our Spring hours.

We welcome Cathryn Miller, a student at the Rutgers Library School, who will be handling Saturday reference hours from 1-5 pm. She will begin on Sat. Jan. 28. There will be no "in-person" reference on Jan. 21.

On Sundays we are switching to online reference assistance ("Ask A Librarian") Or, please email your reference queries to us.

Good luck during the new semester! 

Avery Library open on MLK


Please note that Avery Library will be open on Monday, January 16th with the following exceptions:
Avery Classics, Drawings & Archives, Art Properties, Avery Index and Bibliographic Services will be closed.

We will operate with minimal public service staff levels to accommodate researchers for the day.

See our hours.