Summer Adventure: Internship at Burke Library

I was thrilled to be offered the internship at Burke after investigating several opportunities for the summer. Having just completed my first semester at Queens College, where I will pursue the Certificate in Archives and Preservation of Cultural Materials simultaneously with my MLS, I wanted to immerse myself in the field in order to relate what I was learning in the classroom. I also wanted to get a jump start on my summer course, Archives and Manuscripts and the Shapes of Material History.

I am in awe of the library itself; the Gothic architecture, the peaceful atmosphere, the open glass floored stacks! Brigette’s tour was informative and thorough although I know I will need to be reminded of some of the details about the collections she shared with me. I was especially fascinated by a box labeled with the name “Albert Schweitzer.” He was a formidable figure when I was growing up, having been introduced to us as a “medical missionary” bringing modern medicine to remote areas of the Congo (now Gabon).

One of the reasons I accepted the internship at Burke was that I will be gaining first-hand experience from a professional archivist, and  from someone who is extremely organized and focused. Brigette is eager to teach me and encourages questions which is a wonderful environment to be working in.  As a professional organizer, I know the advantages of a structured, well organized work environment and I personally thrive in that setting.

Although my first semester posed some challenges, I enthusiastically welcome the readings Brigette has planned for me during the summer. I look forward to being a contributing member to the Luce archival project and gaining what I know will be invaluable experience for my future career.

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