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Libraries Widgets: OED online

oed-80th copyThe Libraries is pleased to present the new OED Online widget! With this tool, you can highlight a word on any web page, click the Search OED Online button on your browser toolbar, and the OED Online “Find Word” search will display the definition in your browser window.

Follow these quick instructions to add the OED Online to your browser. (Note: JavaScript must be enabled)


TARP and loan amounts

Interested in learning more about TARP [Troubled Asset Relief Program]?


Bloomberg has assembled the amount and type of loans given to the participants of the program.  At the Bloomberg terminal enter TARP and hit the GO key.  Bloomberg terminals are available in the Watson and Lehman Libraries.

For more information:

Library tools and widgets

Windows-Tools-iconThe Columbia Libraries has launched an initiative to provide library tools and widgets to help you customize your library experience and bring the libraries web services to you.

For a list of tools including browser search plug‐ins for CLIO and Google Scholar visit the Library Tools and Widgets page.

New databases from the International Monetary Fund

imf The Watson business library is pleased to announce that we now have access to three new databases from the International Monetary Fund.

Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPS) “includes annual aggregate and detailed time series for balance of payments and international investment position for countries; provides world and regional tables of balance of payments components and aggregates; and descriptions of methodologies, compilation practices and data sources used by individual countries.”

Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS) “Provides data on the country and area distribution of countries’ exports and imports by their partners. The DOTS yearbook gives seven years of data for about 186 countries. The DOTS quarterly covers data for the most recent six quarters and the latest year for about 156 countries, and ten quarters and five years for the world and area tables.”

Government Finance Statistics (GFS) “Contains detailed annual statistical data on revenue, expense, transactions in assets and liabilities, and stocks of assets and liabilities of general government and its subsectors as reported by member countries.”