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Ask A Librarian!


Columbia Libraries re-launched its Ask a Librarian web page this week.

All contact points as well as an easy to use IM box are available from this page!

We also added a new service that allows you to send in questions and receive answers via text message.

Texphonet us from your mobile phone at (215)TEXTCUL or (215)839-8285.

More info about texting a librarian

New database: Proquest Entrepreneurship

logo_proquest_entrep Proquest Entrepreneurship covers a wide range of business resources for entrepreneurs to develop and research their ideas while providing solutions to the needs of entrepreneurship by offering a central access point to a variety of discovery and advisory tools for entrepreneurship research.

Proquest Entrepreneurship gives users access to an unprecedented collection of content types together in one product:

  • Video Clips-watch and listen to entrepreneurs as they give firsthand accounts of their business experiences. Featuring over 11,000 video clips – many of which contain transcripts for convenient reference and can be downloaded.
  • Market Research-with instant access to thousands of market research documents, entrepreneurs can quickly become equipped with the data needed for thorough analysis and pitching to investors.  This valuable content contains market and company reports, key financial ratios, demographics, insights, benchmarks, statistics and more.
  • Start-Up Plans, Templates and Forms-give users an A to Z approach to entrepreneurship as steps are laid out from concept through management. These tools also guide users through various processes and can serve as a “checklist” of items needed to secure financing.
  • Journal Content-top publications relating to the practice of entrepreneurship are provided in the form of full journal runs plus selected articles with a weekly refresh from over 11,000 sources ensuring the latest information for users.
  • Business Cases-a staple in the study and practice of entrepreneurship, a business case is a structured plan outlining the feasibility of an idea. Obtaining business cases can be expensive in a piecemeal fashion. In the academic setting, business cases allow professors to build or refresh the courses they teach.
  • Working Papers-working papers are “future” articles which may appear in publications months or years down the road. These “full length” versions of the author’s work provide cutting-edge insight and information on the latest trends in a variety of subject areas.
  • Conference Proceedings-conferences are often the first place an idea is shared prior to a person creating a working paper – these events reflect the latest in scholarly research spanning all topics. Conferences are often panel discussions and help promote innovative thought on various topics.
  • Full Text Dissertations-provide insight into roads already traveled while helping to jumpstart research and exploration for an entire “thought area” through the work of others. Dissertations serve as a springboard for new research and ideas on which to build.”

For additional information on this database, please check the vendor product page.

Springer eBook Collection in Business & Economics

SpringerLink The Springer eBook collection in Business & Economics offers more than 3,700 business and economics titles, covering the fields of economics, management, marketing, finance, information systems, logistics, and operation research, etc.

Notable book series include:

  • Studies in Economic Theory
  • Springer Finance
  • International Handbook Series on Entrepreneurship
  • International Series in Operations Research & Management Science
  • Contributions to Management Science
  • International Handbooks on InformationSystems
  • SAP-Excellence
  • ZEW Economic Studies
  • Advances in Spatial Science
  • Integrated Series in Information Systems

Excellent eReference Works include:

  • Lee: Encyclopedia of Finance
  • Gass: Encyclopedia of Operations Researchand Management Science
  • Swamidass: Encyclopedia of Production and Manufacturing Management

Notable authors include

  • Nobel Prize winners Reinhard Selten and Robert Aumann
  • Philip Kotler, the world-renowned marketing expert

To view the business and economics ebooks, click on “business and economics” under subject collection, then choose “books” under content types on the right hand side of the page.

springer 2

Getting more from Google Scholar


  • When searching from off campus be sure to use the Libraries’ link to Google Scholar so it connects you with the resources that are available to you as a Columbia University affiliate.
  • You can also set your “Scholar Preferences” to include links from Columbia University Libraries. To do this go to the “Scholar Preferences” and search for Columbia University Libraries” under the “Library Links” option. By checking the box and saving your preferences; Google Scholar will connect you with Columbia University’s much of the Library’s Full Text subscription content.

Advanced Scholar Search:

  • Limit your search to  articles in the selected subject areas
  • Search all legal opinions and journals; or search only by US federal court; or limit to court opinions by state(s)
  • There are also numerous other ways to specify your search criteria including: author; date range; words in a phrase or in a title

Database of the Month: Global Insight

map IHSGlobal Insight provides comprehensive economic, financial, and political coverage on over 200 countries and more than 170 industries.  Detailed country information and analysis on political, economic, legal, tax, operational, and security environments are available under “country intelligence”.  Special country reports and risk ratings are also included, with historical reports going back to 1992.

“Economic and Financial Data” section provides a wealth of economic and financial data around the world. Data on macroeconomic, financial, industry,  international trade, and forecasts can be accessed and retrieved using the Global Insight’s Data-Insight Web tool or the QuickData XLS software.