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New database: Life Science Analytics Report Center

Life Science Analytics Report Center via “Datamonitor 360” provides comprehensive pipeline and financial information on over 2,500 pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and biomedical companies worldwide, including accurate  market data and authoritative analysis and information.

After log into the Datamonitor 360 platform, please click on or mouse over the “Databases” link under “choose an entry point” to access Life Science Analytics Report Center (LSA Report Center) database.


New database: Datamonitor 360 (formerly “Business Insights”)

datamonitor 360Datamonitor 360 (formerly known as “Business Insights”) provides coverage and analysis on over 3,000 industries and over 30,000 companies.  According to Datamonitor, this database provides information on topics as described below:

“Reports and briefs:

A wide range of in-depth research content, including market overviews, market trends analysis, company and industry case studies, and focus reports examining new growth opportunities, technologies, concepts, and more.


Datamonitor Group analysts give their expert opinions on major industry events and their likely impacts.


Live news feed that enables you to stay abreast of the latest market and company developments.


Analyses of over 30,000 companies, with SWOT analyses for the largest 2,500, which can be used to analyze and benchmark companies, track corporate developments, and understand corporate strategies.


Information on market size, market share, and the leading companies in multiple markets, including over 3,000 industry profiles across more than 25 geographies and 200 markets.


Reports and statistics on the political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental landscape of all major countries.”

New database: Dow Jones LP Source Basic

lpsourcebasicThe Watson Library of Business and Economics is pleased to announce that we now have access to Dow Jones LP Source Basic. This database is accessible on workstation 7 [buspc07] near the circulation area in the Business Library.

According to Dow Jones, LP Source Basic is “a dynamic database of thousands of LPs, GPs and fund investments plus business intelligence tools, including:

  • Quickly search limited partners, investment firms, advisors, and placement agents by assets under management, preferred commitment size, fund size, and other criteria
  • View profiles for limited partners, investment firms, advisors, and placement agents
  • Locate industry contacts and build your network
  • Create and download custom reports”

Note: This database replaces Directory of Alternative Investment Programs (AIP) and Galante’s Venture Capital and Private Equity Directory.

Census 2010 Data by Tracts

Census 2010 Summary File 1 data is now being released by state.  New York State data was
released on July 14th 2011.

Summary File 1 (SF1) reports on all the characteristics asked on the census.  These include counts of persons by age, race, sex, and Hispanic origin;  counts of  households by type; and counts of housing units by owner/renter status and vacancy status.  There are also counts based on cross-tabulations among characteristics.

Data is reported at all geographic levels including blocks, block groups, tracts, counties, cities, towns, state legislative districts, 111th congressional districts, school districts, metropolitan areas and ZCTAs (zip code approximations).

Data are published in formatted tables that come in presentation-ready formats (PDF or formatted Excel) and in “database-compatible” format (comma-delimited format).   The American FactFinder2 is the Census Bureau’s web interface for selecting and downloading data tables.

Besides the American FactFinder2 web portal, other web sites are publishing tailored reports and data files to meet specific needs.  Cornell University’s Program Applied Demographics has already published a report called, 2010 race/age/sex in New York which is based on Summary File 1.  It looks at the whole state and regions within the state.  It is an excellent example of the type of analysis that can be done with the SF1.

For more information about Census 2010, Summary File 1, American FactFinder2 and other sites that report on Census 2010, visit our Census 2010 web page or visit the Digital Social Science Center’s Data Service in Lehman library.

Watson Library Early Closing 7/22/2011

The Watson Library of Business & Economics will close at 7:00 pm on Friday, July 22.   We have a major construction project this summer to improve our service profile.    This closing will allow contractors to install extra connectivity and power in the floor of the main reading room where extra seating will be added.


Capital IQ access

Capital IQ 2nd

Do you know you can access the Capital IQ database in the Watson Library of Business and Economics?

There are 4 library data terminals along the circulation desk which provide access to Capital IQ. For B-school students who recently enrolled in the summer, please use the Capital IQ database in the library. Registration for personal Capital IQ accounts will re-open early fall semester. Please ask for help at the circulation desk if you need further assistance.

Researching China’s automotive market.

Fourin, Inc is a research and publishing firm specializing in the global automotive industry.  The Watson Library has acquired three of their reports on China –  the 2010-2011 edition of their China Automotive Industry Yearbook [HD9710 .C6 C55]; the 2020 China Car market Forecast [HD9710 .C62 F68 2010]; and the China’s New-Energy Vehicle Industry report [TL 220 .C55 2011g].The-Red-Flag-13097235148_xlarge

These are hard copy reports available in the Reserves collection at the call numbers indicated parenthetically.  Ask for them at the Circulation Desk.