Monthly Archives: February 2012

New database: Bankscope


Bankscope provides very detailed information on over 30,000 public and private banks worldwide. It combines data from the main information provider, Fitch Ratings, and nine other sources, with software for searching and analysis. Bankscope is also available via Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS).

Bankscope includes [from the publisher website]:

  • Detailed financials – statements are in multiple formats including a new universal format to compare banks globally
  • Interim data
  • Ratings from FitchRatings
  • Country risk and country finance reports
  • Stock data for listed banks
  • Directors and contacts
  • Original filings/images
  • Detailed bank structures
  • Economic country profiles and outlooks
  • Business and related news
  • M&A deals and rumours