Monthly Archives: June 2012

Google docs adds a new research tool!

There is a new feature available in Google Docs called “Research Tool.”

The Research tool makes it easy to add information from the web to your documents. To access the tool:

  • Select the Research option from the Tools menu.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut (Cmd + Opt + R on Mac, Ctrl + Alt + R on PC).
  • Right-click on a specific word and select Research.

The Research tool will appear along the right-hand side of your document. You can start a search by typing into the search bar. You can narrow your search to specific types of results (e.g. images, quotations) by using the drop-down menu in the search bar.

Researching different types of information relevant to your document

When conducting a search, the Research tool will show you different types of results — web results, images, quotations, maps, reviews, and more.

Use the back arrow to the left of the search bar to return to the previous page of your search results and the forward arrow to move forward in your search results.

Click here for more information about the new Research Tool for use in Google Docs.

Happy Researching!