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New database: Markit

Columbia Libraries is pleased to announce that now we have access to Markit via Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS). Columbia Libraries subscribe to Markit services including CDS Pricing (End of Day) and RED-CDS (Full Service).

From the WRDS website:

Markit CDS Pricing: Provides CDS composite and contributor level data on approximately 2,800 individual entities. Applying a data cleansing process, Markit aggregates marks from sell-side contributors to generate its composite price.  The data are provided on a daily basis starting in 2001 (with 810 reference entities) and are available by entity, tier, currency and restructuring clause.

RED (Reference Entity Database):
a database of confirmed Reference Entities and their Reference Obligations for use in trading, documenting, and processing credit derivatives transactions. A Reference Entity is an institution, such as a company, a sovereign, a statute-created entity, or a multilateral institution, that has either issued or guaranteed an obligation (a Reference Obligation). These Reference Obligations are typically issuances of debt obligations, but on occasion they may also be non-debt securities (such as preference shares). Pairs of Reference Entities and their associated Reference Obligations (Pairs) form the basis of RED.  RED provides a means of linking CUSIP and ISIN to other Markit databases (e.g. CDS) which are identified by the Markit primary id (REDCODE).  RED also allows the data user to track CDS reference entities through mergers, de-mergers and other corporate actions.”