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New database: Pratt’s Guide

The Pratt’s Guide to Private Equity and Venture Capital Sources is a comprehensive directory of private equity and venture capital firms.

From Thomson Reuters:

“The Pratt’s Guide to Private Equity and Venture Capital Sources  the definitive reference source to actively investing private equity and venture capital firms operating around the world. Pratt’s Guide is continually updated with new fund-raising data, new investment and exit data and new contact information.

Pratt’s Guide is substantially researched and managed by a dedicated team specializing in this market. To be listed in Pratt’s, analysts conduct in-depth, independent inquiries of all companies; evaluating in detail their capability, profile and scale of activity. This is supported by a breakdown of their actual investment activity within specific industries and sectors.”


Thomson Reuters VC/PE Portal: Private Markets

Thomson Reuters Private Markets offers coverage and commentary on the world’s private equity and venture capital marketplaces.  Private Markets provides access to the breaking news, industry research, and trend analysis from the editors of Buyouts magazine and Venture Capital Journal.  The “Search the archive” search box on the homepage provides archival access to over 100,000 private equity and venture capital articles dating back more than 20 years.

From the vendor:

  • Established in 1961, Venture Capital Journal is an indispensable source of intelligence for the venture capital community in the US and throughout Europe.
  • For nearly 25 years, Buyouts has provided readers with comprehensive deal and fund news, personality profiles, expert analysis and a wealth of proprietary data for the private equity market.


IHS Global Insight


IHS Global Insight has economic forecasts, industry analysis and market intelligence for over 200 countries and 170 industries. With hundreds of expert economists and analysts worldwide, you can tap into our global economic outlook, analysis and data to monitor and assess business opportunities and risks around the world.

Detailed coverage of the U.S. and Global Economies 

  • Detailed analysis of industrial activity, business investment, consumer markets, housing, international trade, labor markets, energy, inflation, financial markets, government policy, and alternative scenarios
  • U.S. regional analysis covering all 50 states, 390 metro areas, and 3,100 counties for 150 economic-performance indicators

Economic data  

  • The largest repositories of global economic, financial, and industry data
  •  Economic data for over 200 countries and over 120 industries worldwide


Fall 2013 Bloomberg introduction sessions

This session will teach the basic navigation and searching skills necessary to begin using Bloomberg.

Spaces are available for the following sessions:


All sessions will take place in the 1st Mezzanine reading room on the west side of Watson Library.

Reservations are required. Please register to reserve your spot.

Industry research and analysis from Bloomberg

Bloomberg Industries is a service that provides comprehensive data, trend analysis, thematic perspective, and Bloomberg functionality into one platform for more than 100 industries across 10 major sectors.  To access Bloomberg Industries, type <BI> and hit the green [GO] key.

For example, if you are looking for data and analysis for the defense industry, you can select “Defense Primes” under “All Industries” tab on the Bloomberg Industries default starting page.  Bloomberg presents the industry coverage under 3 main categories: Analysis, Data Library, and Monitor.  Continuously-updated industry outlook and analysis, and key data such as market share, cost analysis and segment analysis, as well as market news are all incorporated into one platform. Macro-level industry factors as well as company-specific operating, financial and valuation statistics are included in the Data Library.

For instance, detailed defense industry data such as recent U.S. Air Force annual procurement budgets for missiles are available via Bloomberg.

To learn more about how to navigate through Bloomberg Industries data and analysis, hit the green <help> key on any Bloomberg Industries page.