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New database: Preqin Hedge Fund Analyst

Preqin Hedge Fund Analyst “provides all the latest data and intelligence on hedge funds in one place. Information is updated on a daily basis by a team of skilled research analysts based around the globe, providing an extremely reliable and comprehensive resource.”

“Hedge Fund Analyst features include:

Hedge Fund Performance
Fund-by-fund and industry level performance data covering over 6,300 funds, with 4,500 reporting monthly returns, providing you with a true market overview. You can also compare funds to specific segments of the market, including by strategy, fund structure, geography and more, using the fully customizable benchmarks function.

Hedge Fund Profiles
Instantly analyze industry overview statistics of the current fund universe as well as searchable in-depth fund profiles showing all the key information for over 12,000 individual hedge funds (21,000 with share classes).

Hedge Fund Managers
Search over 5,700 fund manager profiles from across the world and view key preferences and personnel contact details. With a subscription to Hedge Fund Investor Profile you can also view the investors in individual funds.

Fund Terms and Conditions
Fund-by-fund and industry level fund terms and conditions data for over 5,500 vehicles provide a market overview, enabling you to see the current trends for specific fund types, structures and investment focuses.”

All of above excerpts are from Preqin website.

Sources for Supply Chain data

Supply chain data reveals the business relationships between companies and allows you to analyze the capital flow between companies on both a customer (revenue) and supplier (cost) basis.  Generally, supply chain data for public companies can be found in a variety of sources such as public filings (including annual and other periodic reports), conference call transcripts, capital markets presentations, sell-side conferences, company press releases, company websites, and industry insiders.

Typically, supply chain data is incomplete due to the fact that SEC Regulation S-K requires companies to disclose only supply-chain relationships for customers that provide revenues greater than 10% on an annual basis.  Additionally, information on international suppliers and customers is difficult to identify.

To find supply chain data, you can use either Bloomberg or Capital IQ to get a holistic view of the supply chain structure for a particular company of interest.

Bloomberg covers supply chain relationship for over 35,000 companies and the data is updated regularly. To display supply chain analysis in Bloomberg, type the mnemonic SPLC. Please note that SPLC function can only be used together with an equity. For example, to find Apple’s supply chain information, type:


You can sort the data by suppliers and customers and display the results in a table format.  For example, you can view the suppliers list like the following:

Similarly, Capital IQ also presents supply chain data under the “business relationships” category.  Additionally, Capital IQ provides the sources for the data.