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Idea generation via Capital IQ

Capital IQ is a powerful research database that incorporates detailed information on companies, markets, and people globally with robust screening tools for company analysis, market research, and idea generation.  These tools can help generate investment ideas by screening on a combination of financials and qualitative event-driven criteria such as share buybacks, investment strategies, stock performance, or preset formulas, as well as finding comparables and building an M&A buyer list.

Click on “All Idea Generation Screens” link under “idea generation”, you will find a list of 167 preset screens. For instance, if you are interested in value investing and would like to get a list of value stocks based on the Piotroski Score devised by Stanford University Accounting Professor Joseph Piotroski, you can search by the keyword “Piotroski”

Then click on the “Strong Piotroski Scorers” link to get the screening results.

Need help with Capital IQ?

Did you know that you can get quick tips and an online reference guide online for Capital IQ?

Please check out this help page Quick Reference Guides and Tips.  Additionally, Capital IQ provides online training videos and archived webinars.

Please note that Capital IQ excel plug-in is only available on 10 library workstations in Watson Library.