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New database: GMI Analyst

GMI Analyst “is a comprehensive web-based platform providing research, ratings, real-time updates, robust search functionality and analytical tools to help clients assess issuer risk.  The research platform provides:

  • ESG ratings, research and real-time updates on about 6,000 companies worldwide based on 150 carefully selected risk factors (ESG KeyMetrics®)
  • AGR® ratings, research and real-time updates on about 18,000 companies worldwide based on more than 50 discrete risk factors
  • Environmental performance data from Trucost, the world’s leading provider of comparative data on corporate environmental impacts, including Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), water, waste, pollutants and natural resource dependency.
  • Unique data on litigation and financial-distress risk
  • Daily and weekly updates, quarterly ratings reviews and event-driven analysis
  • Robust search functionality, screening and analytical tools, including WatchLists, Portfolio Analysis, Alerts, Industry Browser, and peer-group analysis.
  • Regular support of GMI Analyst functionality and tools.”

— From the publisher

Thomson ONE Internet Explorer compatibility issue

The database, Thomson ONE works is Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9 only.

If you are using IE10 and are not able to load Thomson ONE please follow these steps:

  1. Press F12 on your keyboard
  2. Choose Internet Explorer 9 from the Browser Mode drop down menu.
  3. Reload Thomson ONE


In IE11 you can add the Thomson ONE URL to the compatibility mode list by doing to following

You will need to make sure is added along with

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Watson library at or (212) 854-7804.