Daily Archives: August 27, 2015

Fall workshops at the Libraries

Take advantage of workshops offered across the Columbia Libraries!

Workshops at the Digital Social Science Center (all sessions will take place in Lehman Library):

9/15, Noon to 1pm: Keep track of your research with Zotero
9/17, Noon to 1pm: Crash Course in Research Methodologies
9/23, Noon to 1pm: Find Free and Open Data

Learn to Map
9/25, 2pm to 4pm:  ArcGIS
10/1, 2pm to 3pm:  CartoDB
10/2, 2pm to 4pm:  QGIS
10/22, 2pm to 3pm: Leaflet

Making Sense Series
10/8, 1pm to 2pm: Qualitative Data Analysis
10/15, 1pm to 2pm: Quantitative Data Analysis
10/19, 11am to Noon: Spatial Data Analysis

Business Research Series
10/6, 10am to 11am: Using Bloomberg
10/28, 10am to 11am: Crash Course in Business Research

More workshops to come in November (days and time to be decided)!

  • Find Consumer Behavior Data (part of Business Research Series)
  • Find Finance Data (part of Business Research Series)
  • Qualitative Analysis with NVIVO
  • Quantitative Analysis with SAS
  • Quantitative Analysis with R

For more workshops check out the Libraries’ main workshops page.