Fall workshops at the Libraries

Take advantage of workshops offered across the Columbia Libraries!

Workshops at the Digital Social Science Center (all sessions will take place in Lehman Library):

9/15, Noon to 1pm: Keep track of your research with Zotero
9/17, Noon to 1pm: Crash Course in Research Methodologies
9/23, Noon to 1pm: Find Free and Open Data

Learn to Map
9/25, 2pm to 4pm:  ArcGIS
10/1, 2pm to 3pm:  CartoDB
10/2, 2pm to 4pm:  QGIS
10/22, 2pm to 3pm: Leaflet

Making Sense Series
10/8, 1pm to 2pm: Qualitative Data Analysis
10/15, 1pm to 2pm: Quantitative Data Analysis
10/19, 11am to Noon: Spatial Data Analysis

Business Research Series
10/6, 10am to 11am: Using Bloomberg
10/28, 10am to 11am: Crash Course in Business Research

More workshops to come in November (days and time to be decided)!

  • Find Consumer Behavior Data (part of Business Research Series)
  • Find Finance Data (part of Business Research Series)
  • Qualitative Analysis with NVIVO
  • Quantitative Analysis with SAS
  • Quantitative Analysis with R

For more workshops check out the Libraries’ main workshops page.