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New Dataset: Infogroup’s Historical Business File

Columbia University has access to the Infogroup’s Historical Business File via WRDS.

Infogroup gathers geographic location-related business and residential data from various public data sources, such as local yellow pages, credit card billing data, etc. The Infogroup database at WRDS contains two packages: Historical Business and Historical Residential, both of which largely focus on US sectors.

The Historical Business data starts in 1997, while Historical Residential dates back to 2006. The Historical Business data is a calendar year-end snapshot of local business data. It contains business identification, location, industry, corporation hierarchy, employment, sales, and other fields.

For more information about this dataset, please visit this page

Figure 1



Using Python, R, MATLAB APIs for Datastream!

Do you know that in addition to Excel API, now you can also extract data easily from Datastream by using Python or MATLAB?

For Python:

PyDatastream is a Python interface to the Thomson Dataworks Enterprise (DWE) SOAP API (non free), with some convenience functions for retrieving Datastream data specifically. This package requires valid credentials for this API.

It is a Python API for time-series data which abstracts the database which is used to store the data, providing a powerful and unified API. It provides an easy way to insert time-series datapoints and automatically downsample them into multiple levels of granularity for efficient querying time-series data at various time scales.



Alternatives for other scientific computing languages:

Please note that only PhD students and faculty can request credentials. Please email if you had any questions.