Bloomberg Webinar Series

Bloomberg is offering webinars series from February- April 2021
-Features 8 topics in 3 parts each, one part per month Feb-Apr
-Focuses on how to use the Terminal the way a market player would
-Contains a short-answer assignment at the end
-Is approximately 15-20 minutes long
-Delivered twice on the day of the presentation at 9 am and 4 pm Eastern
-Allows for Q&A
-Will have a recording that is sent afterwards to those who register

See below each session with the registration’s link


PORT (Part 2): How can we analyze our portfolio’s return relevant to our benchmark and identify the reason for our under/over performance?

Wednesday, March 24 – 4pm EST


Fixed Income (Part 2): How can we create and analyze interest rate curves on the Terminal?

Thursday, March 25 – 4pm EST


Registration links will be sent to enrollees the afternoon before each presentation