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Industry research and analysis from Bloomberg

Bloomberg Industries is a service that provides comprehensive data, trend analysis, thematic perspective, and Bloomberg functionality into one platform for more than 100 industries across 10 major sectors.  To access Bloomberg Industries, type <BI> and hit the green [GO] key.

For example, if you are looking for data and analysis for the defense industry, you can select “Defense Primes” under “All Industries” tab on the Bloomberg Industries default starting page.  Bloomberg presents the industry coverage under 3 main categories: Analysis, Data Library, and Monitor.  Continuously-updated industry outlook and analysis, and key data such as market share, cost analysis and segment analysis, as well as market news are all incorporated into one platform. Macro-level industry factors as well as company-specific operating, financial and valuation statistics are included in the Data Library.

For instance, detailed defense industry data such as recent U.S. Air Force annual procurement budgets for missiles are available via Bloomberg.

To learn more about how to navigate through Bloomberg Industries data and analysis, hit the green <help> key on any Bloomberg Industries page.