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New database: Compustat Snapshot


Compustat Snapshot is now available via Wharton Research Data Services [WRDS]. Compustat Snapshot North America is a complete North American backtesting database, providing historical coverage on a large population of North American companies with more than 1,500 annual, quarterly and year-to-date fundamental data items for both preliminary and final data.

Description from WRDS and S&P Capital IQ:

U.S. and Canada. Access deep history with snapshot dates as early as December 1986, with quarterly fundamental history back to 1978 and annual fundamental history back to 1970.


  • S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat Snapshot provides historically reported preliminary and final data known for annual and quarterly, while retaining original values and all succeeding changes.
  • These data identify and manage changes at the data element level, and tracks all changes on a daily basis, for all of S&P Capital IQ Compustat’s accounting and identifying information.
  • WRDS enables users to extract any quarterly or annual snapshot of the data, at any point-in-time frequency, in a very easy and intuitive interface.

Date range:
Point-In-Time Coverage from 1986-present. Includes weekly snapshots from 1986 and intraday starting early 2009.


Idea generation via Capital IQ

Capital IQ is a powerful research database that incorporates detailed information on companies, markets, and people globally with robust screening tools for company analysis, market research, and idea generation.  These tools can help generate investment ideas by screening on a combination of financials and qualitative event-driven criteria such as share buybacks, investment strategies, stock performance, or preset formulas, as well as finding comparables and building an M&A buyer list.

Click on “All Idea Generation Screens” link under “idea generation”, you will find a list of 167 preset screens. For instance, if you are interested in value investing and would like to get a list of value stocks based on the Piotroski Score devised by Stanford University Accounting Professor Joseph Piotroski, you can search by the keyword “Piotroski”

Then click on the “Strong Piotroski Scorers” link to get the screening results.

Need help with Capital IQ?

Did you know that you can get quick tips and an online reference guide online for Capital IQ?

Please check out this help page Quick Reference Guides and Tips.  Additionally, Capital IQ provides online training videos and archived webinars.

Please note that Capital IQ excel plug-in is only available on 10 library workstations in Watson Library.



Capital IQ access

Capital IQ 2nd

Do you know you can access the Capital IQ database in the Watson Library of Business and Economics?

There are 4 library data terminals along the circulation desk which provide access to Capital IQ. For B-school students who recently enrolled in the summer, please use the Capital IQ database in the library. Registration for personal Capital IQ accounts will re-open early fall semester. Please ask for help at the circulation desk if you need further assistance.