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New database: Compustat Snapshot


Compustat Snapshot is now available via Wharton Research Data Services [WRDS]. Compustat Snapshot North America is a complete North American backtesting database, providing historical coverage on a large population of North American companies with more than 1,500 annual, quarterly and year-to-date fundamental data items for both preliminary and final data.

Description from WRDS and S&P Capital IQ:

U.S. and Canada. Access deep history with snapshot dates as early as December 1986, with quarterly fundamental history back to 1978 and annual fundamental history back to 1970.


  • S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat Snapshot provides historically reported preliminary and final data known for annual and quarterly, while retaining original values and all succeeding changes.
  • These data identify and manage changes at the data element level, and tracks all changes on a daily basis, for all of S&P Capital IQ Compustat’s accounting and identifying information.
  • WRDS enables users to extract any quarterly or annual snapshot of the data, at any point-in-time frequency, in a very easy and intuitive interface.

Date range:
Point-In-Time Coverage from 1986-present. Includes weekly snapshots from 1986 and intraday starting early 2009.