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IHS Global Insight


IHS Global Insight has economic forecasts, industry analysis and market intelligence for over 200 countries and 170 industries. With hundreds of expert economists and analysts worldwide, you can tap into our global economic outlook, analysis and data to monitor and assess business opportunities and risks around the world.

Detailed coverage of the U.S. and Global Economies 

  • Detailed analysis of industrial activity, business investment, consumer markets, housing, international trade, labor markets, energy, inflation, financial markets, government policy, and alternative scenarios
  • U.S. regional analysis covering all 50 states, 390 metro areas, and 3,100 counties for 150 economic-performance indicators

Economic data  

  • The largest repositories of global economic, financial, and industry data
  •  Economic data for over 200 countries and over 120 industries worldwide


IBISWorld: US Specialized Industry & Risk Ratings Reports

Columbia University Libraries have upgraded IBISWorld to include the following modules:

  • US Specialized Industry Reports
  • US Industry Archives
  • US Risk Ratings Reports
  • US iExpert Summaries with Risk

The US Specialized Industry Reports currently cover 518 small or new industries based on NAICS, ranging from Advisory & Financial Services industries to Technology industries.

“IBISWorld’s 700 Industry Risk Ratings analyses determine how much risk an industry, at the 5-digit NAICS level, will face over the next 18 months by assessing the operating conditions; industry structure, revenue outlook and key drivers.”