A New Way to Find Articles

Try our newest article search, from the yellow "Find Articles" tab on the library home page:

1-19-2011 10-38-46 AM

Described as a "webscale discovery service" it is very fast,  searches a vast number of articles in both journals and newspapers, and often searches both full-text and citations.  Facets allow you to quickly narrow a search by article type or publication date.   You may also limit by subject terms, but not all articles have subject terms so you may exclude useful content if you use this limit.

  • Use the advanced search to further narrow a search by author or journal title.
  • Searching for an exact phrase? Enclose the phrase in quotation marks: "feminization of poverty"
  • Looking for terms in proximity to one another? "microfinance india"~20 will retrieve the terms microfinance and india within 20 words of one another.

The previous "Find Articles" federated search engine is still available.  It has been renamed Custom Search, and retains such features as the ability to search topical sets of databases, to log in and create your own set of databases, or to save citations in folders for future use.  You can find it by searching for "Custom Search" as a database title.

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