Reach Out

Reach out to one of the research librarians in Butler – we’re here to help you navigate the libraries and find the scholarly resources you need.

Research librarians understand how the information in our Libraries is organized and we know what’s in our collections. We can help you:
  • Find the best electronic and print resources for your research
  • Explain how to evaluate the credibility of online sources
  • Clarify copyright issues
  • Instruct you on using bibliographic software to create bibliographies and cite sources
  • Introduce you to tools to help you organize and manage your own research information

Who are we? There are 10 research librarians who work in Butler Library. Reach us at the Reference Desk, 212-854-2241, or individually:

 Sarah Witte                                                   
Women’s & Gender Studies


 John Tofanelli                               
British & American History and Literature

Junko Stuveras
French & Italian Literature

 Bob Scott
Head, Digital Humanities Center

Barbara Rockenbach
Director, Humanities & History Libraries
Anice Mills
Undergraduate Services Librarian
Jean Laponce
Western European History & Philosophy

 Karen Green
Ancient & Medieval Studies and Religion;
Graphic Novels

 Nancy Friedland
Butler Media, Film Studies & Performing Arts
 Mary Cargill
Reference Librarian

 We look forward to working with you.