Digital Centers Intern Gustavo Rosa Talks about the Libraries

Gustavo Rosa, a graduate student in the Film division of the School of the Arts, has worked since 2012 as an Electronic Research Assistant at the Digital Humanities Center (DHC), assisting patrons with video editing, digitization of text and image, and a variety of other tasks.  His training at the school has  given him the chance to work in all areas of the film-making process, but he has also a special opportunity to work with the Libraries’ collections in discovering and assembling background research material for a number of feature films.  This year he is working as a Digital Centers Intern at the DHC with Film and Performing Arts Librarian Nancy Friedland and the Center for Teaching and Learning on the creation of a new edition of the Film Glossary, a popular Columbia online resource for the study of film.

Gustavo was asked to describe his experience with the Libraries for Columbia Giving Day.  Excerpts of that interview can be viewed below.


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