New Databases, March to September 2016

Please find below links to CLIO records for new databases related to the humanities and/or history acquired by Columbia University Libraries since our last newsletter was published (on March 1, 2016). For a fuller descriptive treatment of selected new databases, please see Featured Resources: New Databases in LGBTQ Studies.

20-seiki Media Jōhō Dētabēsu

African Blue Books, 1821-1953 (Microform Academic Publishers)

Archives of the Church of Uganda Online (Brill)

Art Discovery Group Catalogue (OCLC)

Brazilian and Portuguese History and Culture. The Oliveira Lima Library (Gale)










Caribbean Newspapers, 1718-1876 (Readex)

Colonial America [Module 2: Towards Revolution] (Adam Matthew)

Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library. Biblical Texts (Brill)

Digital Library Collections (Columbia University Libraries)

The Docuseek2 : Complete Collection  (Alexander Street Press)  Video Video

Eighteenth Century Drama : Censorship, Society and the Stage (Adam Matthew)









Foreign Office Files for the Middle East, 1971-1981 (Adam Matthew)

Hakchisa Nyunonmun

History of Mass Tourism (Adam Matthew)

Indian Papers of the 1st Earl of Minto, 1806-1814 (Microform Academic Publishers)

International Bibliography of Humanism and the Renaissance (Brepols)


Personal Justice Denied: Public Hearings of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment, 1981 (Gale)

Records of the Far Eastern Commission, 1945-1952 (Gale)

Screen Studies Collection (ProQuest)

The Selected Papers of John Jay : Digital Edition (University of Virginia Press)

Tonga Ilbo Ak’aibŭ

World Council of Churches Online : World War II Era Records (Brill)

World’s Fairs : A Global History of Expositions (Adam Matthew)


–Blogpost compiled by: Anice Mills and John Tofanelli