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PHI Latin Texts–now online

Cicero palimpsest, 5th century For years, the best collection of searchable texts from Latin antiquity was the Packard Humanities Institute PHI CD-ROM #5.3, available in the Digital Humanities Center in 305 Butler.  Getting these texts available online was the Holy Grail of digital classics research.

But now the Grail is at hand, as the Latin texts from PHI 3.5 are now online.  Approximately 350 authors, representing almost all classical literary texts up to 200 CE (with a handful of later authors) are now readable and searchable online.

Bookmark this URL for easy access:
or do a TITLE search in CLIO for Classical Latin Texts.
For further information, please contact:
Karen Green
Ancient & Medieval History and Religion Librarian
Karen Green

Medieval Studies: Finding Primary Sources Online

Augustine, De civitate Dei, S. XV; Columbia RBML Plimpton ms 47, f. 20vThe Libraries subscribe to a wide number of resources that provide access to Latin texts of the Middle Ages.  Here are some you might find useful (this is a selection, not a comprehensive list).
You can bookmark the URLs below for use from any location: 

Patrologia Latina: the full-text database
An electronic edition of the 200+ volumes of Migne’s Patrologia Latina, containing writings of the Fathers of the Church and other churchmen.  Authors range from Tertullian (†220) to Pope Innocent III (†1216).  In Latin.

Library of Latin Texts
Beginning with the authors contained in the Corpus Christianorum (both Series Latina and Continuatio Medievalis), and expanded to include those of Roman antiquity as well as the post-medieval Church, the LLT contains texts from the beginning of Latin literature (Livius Andronicus, 240 BC) through to the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965).  In Latin.

Acta Sanctoruma: the full-text database
The catalogue of Christian saints, from the first martyr through the counter-Reformation, with texts presented in chronological order by feast day.  In Latin.

Monumenta Germaniae Historica (MGH)
A selection of texts tracing the history of Germany from its Frankish beginnings through the late middle ages, from the MGH’s five divisions: Scriptores, Leges, Diplomata, Epistolae, and Antiquitates.  In Latin. 

The full electronic MGH, without an English-language interface, may be found here.

Medieval Travel Writing
A collection of medieval manuscripts dating from the 13th to the 16th centuries, featuring accounts of journeys to the Holy Land, India and China.  In Latin, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, with supporting materials in English.

Medieval Family Life
Full-color images of the original medieval manuscripts that comprise these letter collections of the Paston, Cely, Plumpton, Stonor, and Armbrugh families, along with full-text searchable transcripts from printed editions.  In 15th-century English, with supporting materials in modern English.

Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online
Digitized editions of texts concerning economic, political, legal, and ecclesiastical history (e.g. treasury accounts, chronicles, papal registers). Most are from England, Ireland, and Scotland.  Primarily in Latin.

For information on additional full-text resources, assistance in navigating these databases, or general reference assistance, please contact:

Karen Green
Karen Green
Ancient & Medieval History and Religion Librarian