Monthly Archives: June 2009

Final Report Issued

The Review Board on Principles of Shared Data Creation and Stewardship’s final report on the OCLC Policy on Use and Transfer of WorldCat Records has been published. It recommends the withdrawal of the proposed policy. OCLC is planning on convening a new working group for drafting a new policy.

Back issues of Cataloging Service Bulletin

This  announcement was recently posted to the  Cataloger’s Desktop Forum:

All 123 issues of Cataloging Service Bulletin (CSB) are now available at no cost at .  CSB is a quarterly bulletin that includes current, new, and revised information about LC cataloging and classification practices and policies. CSB lists revised AACR2 rules, LC Rule Interpretations, changes to the ALA/LC Romanization tables, changes to the LC Subject Headings, and includes “Cataloging Publication News” and “News of Cataloging Projects,” and more.