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OCLC Response to the WorldCat Local Special Collections and Archives Task Force

Here’s the report I discussed in the ALA reporting session. It’s interesting to read it and then look at some of our CLIO records as they appear in WorldCat Local by going to Cornell’s implementation of WorldCat Local and limiting search scope to “Borrow Direct”, then searching for a known unique item from CUL.

Future of MARC

Amy Eklund of Georgia Perimeter College discussed her 2004 research project at the CCS forum, the Future of MARC.  She took over 56 million OCLC records and has been studying them ever since  to see how MARC is used by catalogers.

Project Documentation

R. David Lankes Webcast

As discussed at the 1st ALA reporting session. Webcast Abstract: When a book becomes an ebook it looses more than simply its physical binding – it looses hard boundaries that separate the content of the book from its use. Online journals are not simply pictures of a traditional journal on a screen, but rather the foundations of intellectual communities. While today we hold on to terms such as book, journal, magazine and simply affix “e” to them, in truth, these terms of simply metaphors, an echo of an earlier analog reality. Online narratives, theses, and “how-to’s” become living documents bound closer to a multitude of contexts that defy traditional notions of information organization, already strained to the breaking point of scale. What is needed is a new approach to organizing knowledge, one based on context that occurs in the space between artifacts.

OCLC Technical Bulletin 257

On August 16, 2009, OCLC plans to implement the changes related to the
OCLC-MARC Bibliographic, Authority, and Holdings Formats Update 2009.
This will include MARC 21 Updates No. 8 (October 2007) and No. 9
(October 2008), MARC Code List changes since July 2008, and user and
OCLC staff suggestions.  OCLC Technical Bulletin 257, which presents the
details, is now available at

(by Jay Weitz)

ALA Update Session

The ALA reporting session is scheduled for Thursday, July 23, 2009 10:00-noon in 523 Butler Library.  If you plan to report, please send a list of meetings you will be reporting on to Rick Block (rjb57).  He will create a master list and send it out before the meeting.

FRAD Overview

A general introduction to the Functional Requirements for Authority Data (FRAD). PowerPoint of a presentation given by Melanie Wacker to the CUL Metadata Group.