Daily Archives: September 10, 2009

Bibliographic Control Alphabet Soup: AACR to RDA and Evolution of MARC



Save the date. There will be a NISO webinar given on Oct. 14 from 1-230 in room 522. Speakers include Diane Hillmann and Barbara Tillett.

Librarians, ILS vendors, and commercial cataloging service providers — as well as a wide variety of related service providers — all know that the proverbial, heavily acronym-spice "bibliographic control alphabet soup" involves the intelligent and well informed use of many ingredients. Chief in these are constantly evolving standards, combined with more than a sprinkling of creativity and insight. Three expert metadata chefs will analyze and discuss specific alphabetic ingredients already in use or soon to be implemented in the bib control kitchen.



Sing your search query

The New Zealand Digital Library has a music digital library system called MELDEX that allows users to literally sing (or hum) their queries, generating a list of matching folksong tunes. If you click on the “Start a music query” icon, you can then choose to make a query using either “symbolic input” or “raw audio input”.