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New Headings for Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai Announced

The following message was posted to the listserves by Kate James:

In response to recent inquiries on the PCC Listserv, the Policy and Standards Division (PSD) of the Library of Congress has updated the name authority records for Bombay (India) (n  79065461), Calcutta (India) (n  80049617), and Madras (India) (n  79107973) and created new name authority records for Mumbai (India) (n 2012073713), Kolkata (India) (n 2012073732), and Chennai (India (n 2012073827).  These headings have been connected as earlier/late name headings.
PSD will initiate a special project to revise associated headings for corporate bodies, subject headings and classification captions.  Please create new headings and/or update existing headings related to these cities only as needed in the course of your normal cataloging work.