Connexion Client upgrade 2.50

Connexion Client will be upgraded by LITO on cataloger terminals in the coming days. This is a required upgrade.

Version 2.50 includes the following enhancements which will be detailed in a forthcoming recording:

  • Armenian, Ethiopic and Syriac scripts are now supported.
  • New RDA authority workforms for Family and Name Title have been implemented.
  • New authority indexes Cataloging Source, Descriptive Conventions, Keyword, and Notes available for searching via the Keyword/Numeric Search drop down lists; these were previously only available via command line searching.
  • GenerateAuthorityRecord macro updated to fully recognize the 264 field.
  • GenerateERecord macro updated to better handle Unicode characters.
  • Help, Useful Web Links list updated to link to OCLC-MARC Records documentation.