Working with Search Results

Following on September’s update which targeted improvements to record emailing and printing, October’s CLIO release also focuses on what happens after a search is complete.

We’ve improved support for Zotero in the following areas:

  • better handling of e-book records
  • additional publication details have been added (place, year)
  • improved support for music, sound and video recordings
  • support for subjects and tags

For those who have not yet moved to Zotero we’ve also made some improvements to saved lists

  • very large lists are better handled
  • miscellaneous styling and design improvements

and finally, for  Endnote users:

  • multi-item exports have been fixed

We welcome questions, comments and suggestions for improving CLIO.  Your feedback is invaluable as we develop the interface. Please comment below, use the Suggestions & Feedback form under the “Help” menu in the upper right corner of CLIO, or Ask a Librarian.

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