Virtual Shelf Browse

Virtual Shelf Browse allows researchers to browse the catalog as if all of our items, including titles that are at Offsite or online, were arranged by call number on a single shelf.   Start browsing from the foot of a CLIO catalog record, by choosing “Show” or “Full Screen.”

Choose  “Full Screen” for a larger display, to download to Zotero, or to select multiple items for emailing or saving.  One can browse forward or backward as long as desired.  To return to your original search, choose “Return to…” on the upper right corner.


When an item is associated with more than one call number, choose a call number to begin the browse:

MultiplecallnumbersOther developments in Release 7.11.1:

  • The rarely used Newspapers search, which was a subset of the Articles search, has been eliminated to make room for some anticipated new data sources
  • The four subsets of the Catalog search (archives, new arrivals, e-journals, and databases) are now listed directly below the catalog
  • Improvements have been made to the display and search functionality of author/title entries
  • A location note has been added for Burke Rare Collections

We welcome questions, comments and suggestions for improving CLIO.  Your feedback is invaluable as we develop the interface. Please comment below, use the Suggestions & Feedback form under the “Help” menu in the upper right corner of CLIO, or Ask a Librarian.



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