Art Properties in CLIO

Columbia University’s collection of art works and cultural artifacts will soon be discoverable through CLIO.

Art Properties, based in the Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library, oversees the art collection owned by Columbia University. Comprised of more than 10,000 works of art in all media, displayed in buildings at each campus and held in storage, the art collection reflects all cultures and time periods. The collection also includes the public outdoor sculpture on campus.  The mission of the University art collection is to support curricular integration, educational programs, and research and study purposes.  As an extension of this teaching-and-learning mission, Art Properties also participates in loans to museum exhibitions worldwide.

AndyWarholThe latest CLIO release includes a set of 65 MARC records created for catalog testing.  Now a search for Andy Warhol retrieves not only books and videos about this artist, but a few sample records for photographs and prints owned by Columbia. To find art objects in CLIO, a search can be limited by format “Art Work (Original)” or location “Avery Art Properties.”

Art Properties
In addition to this test in CLIO, Avery staff and OSMC are collaborating on modeling Art Properties data as linked data, as part of a grant funded project led by Stanford University Libraries.

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