Expanded online access to collections during COVID-19 Emergency

Close to 40% of our print collections are now available through Hathi Trust Emergency Temporary Access.

Books and journal volumes currently available to you through the Emergency Temporary Access Service have the label “Log in for temporary access”
When you connect from the results list by clicking on “Log in for temporary access” you will be taken to an intermediate Hathi Trust record to select the volume you need.
  • After connecting to Hathi Trust from the list, scroll down to see the “Temporary Access” link.
When you select a title from the CLIO results list you will be taken to the Hathi catalog record, and will need to scroll down to select an item

Then Check Out the item you need.  If you connect from the links within a single CLIO record, you will be taken directly to the Check Out screen.  If you do not see the Check Out option, Log in in the upper right corner.

Check Out the title before searching in the text. If you do not see this “Check Out” link, Log in to Hathi Trust in the upper right corner.


  • “Temporary Access” volumes are intended to be read online, though it is possible to download single pages.  Downloading of single pages has been discontinued by Hathi Trust. 
  • These links appear only in the CLIO records for physical books and journals.  If you limit a search to “online” you will not see these links.
  • Students, staff, and faculty are able to “check out” a volume for 1 hour.  Access will renew automatically at the end of that hour, unless another user has requested the title.  Only one person may use a volume at a time.  Please “return” titles when not in use.  The number of simultaneous users per title is limited to the number of physical copies we own.
  • If you do not see the “check out” box, you may need to log in first, selecting Columbia University as your home institution.
For more detailed user documentation about the service see https://www.hathitrust.org/ETAS-User-Information
If you have any questions about this or any other service, please Ask a Librarian.

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