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WorldCat, Course Reserves, and other Library Catalogs

Click on the crown in the upper left corner of any CLIO page to quickly link to WorldCat, Course Reserves, Borrow Direct, or Interlibrary Loan.   This menu also includes links to the Numeric and Spatial Data catalogs, and to the catalogs of the Law and Teachers College libraries, none of which are currently included CLIO.   Use the links at the foot of the menu to link to “Ask a Librarian” or to submit feedback or a suggestion.

Using Facets in the Catalog

Facets let us quickly refine our searches. Facets are drawn from the subject headings, authors’ names, language, format, library location, publication date, call number, and even date of acquisition of newer titles.

In the catalog, these elements are added by catalogers, so terminology is consistent.

There are four types of subject facets drawn from different parts of a subject heading:
: general topical headings and subheadings:  history, women, or social conditions
Subject (Region): geographical headings: United States, China, or New York
Subject (Era): includes dates, centuries, and also wars: 19th century, or civil war, 1861-1865
Subject (Genre): here you’ll be able to find types of works: fiction, diaries, correspondence, personal narratives, or feature films

Facets are sticky: once you have selected a facet it will remain in force until you remove it or restart your search.

Selecting more than one facet of the same type narrows your search (it looks for both terms).  To expand your search by choosing either of two or more facets, select the facets you desire and then change the default “All of” to “Any of“:

And to exclude a facet from your results, change “Is” to “Is Not“.

If you know the subject terms you would like to search, you may also enter them into the search box, and select “subject” which searches all four types of subject headings.

Questions about subject searching or using facets?  Please Ask a Librarian, or use the Suggestions & Feedback form under the “Help” menu in the upper right corner of CLIO.

Selecting, Emailing, and Saving Records

Release 7.9.1 is the first public release of list-management (one of our most requested features) – both the ability to operate upon a list of items from the search results screen, and the Saved List capability.  It is now possible to select multiple items for emailing or saving.

The new Bookbag allows items to be saved to lists; though private by default individual lists can be set to public and their URLs shared.

List/Bookbag functionality is under especially active development so please send feedback about this and anything else related to CLIO using the ‘Suggestions & Feedback’ link under the ‘Help’ menu in the upper-right of every CLIO page.

See full release notes for 7.9.1

Latest Release Adds Features to Articles Search

The latest CLIO release includes several enhancements to the Articles Search:

  • Advanced Search for combining elements like author and keyword
  • Basic Search now includes the ability to search by author, title, publication title,  ISBN and ISSN; in addition to the default All Fields search
  • Sorting and editing have been improved

See the 7.8.12 release notes for a complete list of the changes.