E-Books Guide

An eBooks search finds ebooks in the library catalog and both ebooks and ebook chapters in Articles+.

Search tips

Results from the catalog are matching on the catalog record (author, title, publisher, subject headings, tables of contents when available); results from Articles+ may be matching on the full text.
Use an asterisk as a wildcard:  perform* finds performs, performance, performativity
Use quotes, a tilde (~) and a number to find terms in close proximity to one another. The search: “paris is burning” will find the exact phrase; “gender performance”~20 will find gender and performance within 20 words of one another.

It is not possible to use truncation/wildcards with proximity searches.  This is how one would search for multiple spellings in a single search:

“gender performance”~20 OR “gendered performance”~20 OR “gender performativity”~20