Quicksearch Guide

Use the Quicksearch to see combined summary results from four sources:

  • Library Catalog (including books, journals, video & audio recordings, and archival collections)
  • Articles in journals, newspapers and books, as well as some ebooks
  • Academic Commons (digital repository of Columbia research)
  • Library Website

Search Tips

These search tips refer only to operators that are common to all four data sources. Each of these data sources has more extensive search operators, see the separate tips for the catalog, articles, Academic Commons, and Library website searches.

Enter terms. Enclose exact phrases in quotes: “african national congress”
Use an asterisk (*) to search for all possible endings: child* finds children, child’s, childhood, etc.
Use AND, OR, NOT (ALL CAPS) and parentheses to do complex Boolean searches: sachs AND (poverty OR poor)
The Summary results display in blue above the top hits from each source. Click “explore results” to view the full results and to make use of search features in each interface: