Known Issues

These are some issues we are currently working to add or improve:

  • Truncation/wildcard symbol (*)  currently only works in the Catalog Advanced Search when searching All Fields.   To use wildcards in other fields (e.g. author, subject, etc) use the basic catalog search.

These issues have been fixed:

  • Searches will retrieve alternate and authorized forms of an author, place name, or topical subject – released in June 2016.  A search for svetlana alexievich will retrieve books cataloged under the Library of Congress authorized form of her name: svetlana aleksievich, and a search for heart attack will also retrieve myocardial infarction.
  • Call number browse – this was released in January 2015, under the name Virtual Shelf Browse.
  • Zotero issues: Downloading to Zotero from the catalog results list using the folder icon causes the publisher, place of publication, and date to appear in the publisher field.  Downloading from the single record screen imports the fields correctly.  Also, Zotero reads e-book records as e-books.  Fixed October 2014.
  • Ability to select and save records from results list
  • “Add to My Saved List” generating an error message from single record display.  Work around: mark items from the results list, go to “selected items” menu and add to list.
  • Advanced search in Articles or Newspapers
  • Acquisitions date facet will slide out of date
  • Currently Zotero does not seem to be able to access information from single record displays.
  • Incorrect library hours for Barnard, Business and Lehman Libraries
  • Red x’s and do not display when the results page is changed to display 60 records per page
  • When doing an archives search, the “more” facets don’t close with one click
  • Clicking on a title from a database search results list displays a “sorry you have requested a record that does not exist”
  • Searches for kitab al-mufassal include anything with “kitab” and “al” rather than retrieving hits on all three terms.
  • Articles/show without an id causes an error