Release Notes

13 January 2022

A new version of CLIO was released earlier today.This small release addresses the following tickets.

NEXT-1771 – Publication Date swapping Begin/End inappropriately
NEXT-1773 – Remove links to Research Help, Website Help
LIBSYS-4451 – Law feed processing updates
LIBSYS-4532 – Broken Law links
LIBSYS-4541 – allow Barnard/TC staff to use CLIO Download feature

15 December 2021

CLIO v9.3.8 was released this morning.
This release makes minor adjustments around several areas of labeling and functionality, and includes some small bug fixes.

LIBSYS-4003 – FLI support, within CLIO codebase
LIBSYS-4003 – FLI support, within Valet codebase
LIBSYS-4432 – Deprecation of IDMACCESS_ADTO affiliation
LIBSYS-4474 – Princeton PJ items – restrict delivery to Avery
NEXT-1733 – Rename “My Library Account” to “My Borrowing Account”
NEXT-1736 – Relabel “Acquired on” to “Added on”
NEXT-1762 – Boost Washington Post
NEXT-1763 – University Archives materials to Archives facet in CLIO
NEXT-1768 – fix for broken search_results() when authenticated
NEXT-1769 – record indexing omitting some location facets (missing offsite status icons)

1 December 2021

This morning CLIO v9.3.7 was released. This release makes updates to certain request services (moving services from CGI to Valet, or to adjusting existing services).

The following tickets were addressed:

NEXT-1532 – Valet Item Feedback Form
NEXT-1753 – Campus Paging Pilot
NEXT-1759 – Valet In Process / On Order
LIBSYS-4423 – Adjust BearStor for Serials

7 October 2021

Today we released CLIO v9.3.6. This small release moves to production a few updates that had been available in our Test system.

NEXT-1532 – Valet Item Feedback Form
NEXT-1734 – Exclude suppressed MESH headers from invisible authorities
NEXT-1739 – Update Offsite location text
NEXT-1757 – Fix Research Guides URL

22 September 2021

CLIO v9.3.5 was released today. This release continues the reintegration of library services to our catalog, with further work towards several new or existing issues.

NEXT-1710 – index 865$z (public note) into ‘text’ for all-fields searche
NEXT-1739 – Campus Scan on a bib should not prevent ReCAP Scan
NEXT-1746 – change “Place a Recall / Hold” to just “Recall”
NEXT-1751 – NYPL miscodes ReCAP records as online
NEXT-1755 – do not offer ILL Scan for Reserves locations
LIBSYS-3996 – End ETAS service, further code cleanup
LIBSYS-4220 – Update FLI Partnership Room Hours

13 September 2021

CLIO version 9.3.4 was released today.
This release includes several changes related to the reopening of the libraries, and adjustments to library services.
Specific tickets addressed include:

NEXT-1746 – restore services in drop down in catalog
NEXT-1745 – restore availability indicators (green-check / red-X)
NEXT-1748 – Butler Stacks Floorplan link broken
LIBSYS-1365 – turn off Geology location note
LIBSYS-4191 – only offer BorrowDirect for not_available material
LIBSYS-4203 – reorder batch updates, daily incremental first
LIBSYS-4220 – Update FLI Partnership Room Number

26 August 2021

A new version of CLIO was released today, bundling a number of changes related to reopening and adjustment to patron services.

LIBSYS-3996 – End support for HathiTrust ETAS
LIBSYS-3767 – Expand Aeon service to additional library locations
LIBSYS-4084 – Add Barnard Alum book paging service
LIBSYS-4156 – Disable Microform service
NEXT-1743 – Suppress HathiTrust Limited-View

In addition several supporting code libraries were updated.

30 June 2021

A CLIO update was released today, focused mainly on backend concerns.

This update includes minor version updates to Ruby, Rails, and various supporting libraries, and support for the Fall introduction of Harvard as an additional ReCAP partner.

The following specific tickets were addressed:

LIBSYS-3953 – CLIO support for Harvard ReCAP
NEXT-1729 – Fix indexing of ReCAP location label
NEXT-1731 – alternating gray background for all quicksearch bentos

10 March 2021

Today we released CLIO v9.2.1. In addition to minor library updates and bug fixes, this release included the following:

NEXT-1585 – Updated Law records. CLIO’s copy of Law records hadn’t been updated in over a year, since their migration to a new ILS. A new feed has now been developed, and we will have monthly updates going forward.
NEXT-1601 – Local Subject Terms. CLIO will now display locally preferred subject terms where the LOC terms have been found to be problematic.
LIBSYS-2963, NEXT-1727 – CLIO now links to SimplyE books, when available, and references SimplyE on the E-Books landing page
LIBSYS-3775 – FLI Paging. Titles marked for the FLI Partnership Library in are now only available for pickup by FLI patrons.

4 Dec 2020

NEXT-1672 – split subject subfields on Title-of-Work as well – to prod
NEXT-1693 – ReCAP services: holdings-selection form on Valet side
NEXT-1706 – new microform “service” (actually just a link)
NEXT-1708 – update CUMC Archives URL

Bugfixes and gem library updates

2 Nov 2020

LIBSYS-3435 – Offer Borrow Direct when no other pickup available
Gem updates

29 Oct 2020

NEXT-1645 – Hide FOIA from Contraints.
NEXT-1695 – Further work on FOIA exclusion logic
NEXT-1699 – add biographical_historical_note to most formats
NEXT-1700 – MARC XML Download bug
NEXT-1701 – FOIA / GovDocs updates
NEXT-1702 – AC issues: fix Dissertations
NEXT-1703 – Adjust Hathi lookup time
LIBSYS-3167 – Re-order metadata fields Exhibitions & Provenance
LIBSYS-3358 – Barnard Special Collections / Zines updates

Gem updates

8 Oct 2020

NEXT-1645 – FOIA search options updates

8 Oct 2020

Rollup of Fall COVID-related updates

NEXT-1591 / NEXT-1609 – Best Bets no dropdown on page load
NEXT-1645 – further FOIA work
NEXT-1667 – continued work on top banner
NEXT-1671 – disable vernacular links – move to prod
NEXT-1673 – offsite unscannable call-numbers
NEXT-1686 – bugfix, govdocs_exclusion (FOIA)
NEXT-1689 – Alter hours/available-from display
NEXT-1691 – Display of MARC 510
NEXT-1700 – MARC XML Download bug
LIBSYS-1839 – Graphic Novels, location-match
LIBSYS-1972 / LIBSYS-3136 – enable downloads for CUMC staff via CUL_culis affil
LIBSYS-3061 – cleanup unused Google Custom Search callback
LIBSYS-3154 – ReCAP Loan – only offer service link for off,glx material
LIBSYS-3165 – Campus Scan service
LIBSYS-3167 – CLIO new field exhibitions (585$a)
LIBSYS-3188 – Reinstate Borrow Direct
LIBSYS-3200 – Avery Onsite
LIBSYS-3218 – Allow Scan (campus and recap) for ETAS
LIBSYS-3283 – Princeton ETAS support
LIBSYS-3358 – Barnard locations work – Special Collections / Zines, FLI/P
UNIX-7384 – switch to new CentOS 8 CLIO Dev Nginx

Bugfixes and gem library updates

23 July 2020

NEXT-1645 – further FOIA work
NEXT-1664 – Add “Scan” link also when Voyager item status cannot be determined
NEXT-1664 – Relabel “Page” to “Pick-up”
NEXT-1664 – Paging: “Scan & Deliver ==> “Scan”, re-enable live Voyager availabilty status
NEXT-1664 – new patron service: Paging
NEXT-1664 / NEXT-1666 – Paging (“Pick-up”) updates
NEXT-1664 / NEXT-1669 – more work on service links for Page, Scan
NEXT-1668 – tag edits
NEXT-1669 – don’t add ill/scan if offsite/scan is present
NEXT-1670 – enable Scan service (internally: ‘ill’) for all records
NEXT-1671 – don’t use vernacular to build query links
NEXT-1672 – split subjects on Title (non-prod)
NEXT-1673 – restrict “Scan” to list of permitted formats
NEXT-1678 – fix broken JS – replace tab with spaces
LIBSYS-1972 – self-service reports – release to production
LIBSYS-3086 – rename ‘Offsite’ to ‘Scan’, since only Scans are available now

Bugfixes and gem library updates

25 June 2020

LIBSYS-2704 – FOIA load batch tasks
LIBSYS-3084 – update text in requests dropdown menu

24 June 2020
CLIO version 8.13.12 was deployed to production this afternoon.This includes two changes of note:LIBSYS-3083 – This change updates the label for the ILL link from “ILL” to “Scan”. I believe Jim Crocamo has filled in CUD today on this change, and how it relates to the restoration of patron services. Links to “Scan & Deliver”, which has been restored previously, have been removed again.LIBSYS-3061 – CLIO’s LWeb search has been powered by Google Custom Search, using an API-based approach. Due to financial pressures, we have switched to using the free Google Javascript Widget to connect to Google Custom Search. The search results will be the same, but there will be differences in terms of look and feel.

NEXT-1645 – Search Options – Exclude GovDocs (by default)
LIBSYS-2704 – rake task to download from S3 bucket
LIBSYS-3061 – LWeb Google Custom Search Widget updates
LIBSYS-3075 – update logic for doc_delivery service
LIBSYS-3083 – rename ‘ILL’ to ‘Scan’

Gem library updates

11 June 2020

NEXT-1660 – Restore ReCAP EDD
LIBSYS-3061 – Switch CLIO LWeb search from JSON API to JavaScript Widget

8 June 2020


8 June 2020

NEXT-1660 – re-enable ReCAP Offsite request links, exclude ETAS

Gem library updates

  • v8.13.8
    30 May 2020

NEXT-1629 – continued work on top banner

28 May 2020

NEXT-1646 – updating text, number of items available to ‘over 18 million’

20 May 2020

code cleanup

19 May 2020

NEXT-1653: updating ebooks landing page for covid-19
LIBSYS-2975 – update language on Archives landing page


4 May 2020

NEXT-1640 – Related Materials field
NEXT-1645 – FOIA Search Options
NEXT-1648 – continued work on top banner
LIBSYS-2941 – Network issue, pin faraday to 1.0.0

16 Apr 2020

NEXT-1633, NEXT-1635, NEXT-1642 – fix HathiTrust match-point logic

15 Apr 2020

NEXT-1641 – fix Hathi logic

NEXT-1635 – “Full View” to “Full view”, fix oclc-matching

10 Apr 2020

NEXT-1635 – Further HathiTrust ETAS support
LIBSYS-2941 – add authority-solr retry logic


6 Apr 2020

NEXT-1633 – Hathi ETAS support


2 Apr 2020

NEXT-1633 – Updates to HathiTrust partial-view links

1 Apr 2020

NEXT-1634 – update text to “Articles+”

Gem library updates

31 March 2020

NEXT-1610 – Style updates to Quicksearch
LIBSYS-2815 – Adjust display of Notes field (541)

24 Mar 2020

NEXT-1632 – add “Ask a Librarian” to top nav bar

19 Mar 2020

NEXT-1629 – continued work on top banner

17 March 2020

NEXT-1629 – address the widespread pandemonium and confusion caused by the wording of the CLIO alert message

16 March 2020

LIBSYS-2891 / LIBSYS-2892 – ALL libraries closed, ALL services suspended

15 March 2020

LIBSYS-2892 – Update offsite display indicators to ‘Unavailable’

15 March 2020

NEXT-1618 – language notes displayed twice for video
NEXT-1626 – pin kaminari to 1.1.x to avoid extra span tags
NEXT-1628 – reduce CLIO Backend http timeout 10s -> 5s
LIBSYS-2892 – ILL, BD, Offsite services suspended

20 Feb 2020

NEXT-1620 – bugfix Summon facets
LIBSYS-2815 – Update display for Note field (541)
Gem library updates

10 Feb 2020

NEXT-1616 – Updates for GovDocs / FOIA
Bugfixes and gem library updates

23 January 2020

This morning we released CLIO v8.11.13.This minor release includes small bug fixes, library updates, and a location update (NEXT-1611 – update Digital Humanities Center to Digital Scholarship Service).

9 January 2020

CLIO version 8.11.12 was released this morningBesides minor software updates and security patches this release also addresses the following tickets:NEXT-1610 – Disable inapplicable request services for SCSB records
NEXT-1600 – Remove “Reply To” from CLIO Emails
NEXT-1594 – Remove embedded BestBets datastore
NEXT-1586 – “Review” item statuses shouldn’t mark item as ‘Unavailable’
LIBSYS-2694 – Configure CAS endpoints per-environment
LIBSYS-2686 – Display Provenance field consistently across records

1 November 2019

CLIO v8.11.10 was released this afternoon.
This is a small release, addressing just a few display-related tickets, and updating a few minor gem libraries.Issues included in this release are:
NEXT-1590 – Display Restriction Notes
NEXT-1596 – Restore results-footer to Quicksearch
LIBSYS-2505 – Enable Aeon requests for UA-LOW material

5 June 2019

CLIO version 8.11.6 was released today.This minor release corrects some bugs and improves batch processing.Tickets addressed today include:
NEXT-1582 – FAST genre headings display twice when no LCSH present
NEXT-1578 – Best Bets logging

25 April 2019

Today we released a new update to CLIO.
This release includes work on several tickets, as well as minor bug fixes and updates to Rails and other libraries.UNIX-6346 – Update CAS authentication to work with updated servers
NEXT-848 – Rename to “Articles+”, including landing page
NEXT-1171 – Add event tracking for virtual shelf browse
NEXT-1307 – WorldCat link on Item Detail pages
NEXT-1567 – swap E-Books with Dissertations in side nav list
NEXT-1575 – Remove all links from non-Roman (vernacular) headings

27 March 2019

This morning CLIO version v8.11.1 was released.This release adds some refinements to the new Library Web Custom Search released last week. Frequent queries are cached, failed queries are retried, and there have been some improvements to logging and to managing bot queries.Additionally, Ruby has been upgraded (2.5 to 2.6), IP-blocking logic has been updated to support CIDR notation, and “Articles” has been renamed to “Articles+” (ticket NEXT-848).

19 March 2019

Today the backend search engine of Library Web CLIO searches was updated from Google Search Appliance to Google Custom Search (NEXT-1570).The web services team has worked to assure consistency between GSA and GCS. We expect very little change in the results from the previous platform.v

27 February 2019

Another small CLIO release went out this morning.Version 8.10.4 continues backend work to work with newer Solr versions, and fixes NEXT-1569, a problem with certain advanced searches.

14 February 2019

A minor CLIO release was pushed out today.CLIO v8.10.3 includes a number of small systems improvements, including gem library updates, index tuning, and better handling of hostname lookups. There should be no patron-facing changes.

3 January 2019

Today we released CLIO v8.10.0, which updates the authentication mechanism (to SAML).This change gives CLIO access to the affiliations of logged-in patrons, which can be used for fine-grained access control. (This will be used primarily for identifying CUL staff.)

11 December 2018

CLIO release v8.9.12 was pushed out today.This release improves availability display of some uncommon item statuses (e.g., BearStor but withdrawn, and some in-process scenarios). Also included are code cleanup, library updates, improved logging, and improvements to handling of malformed input queries.

16 October 2018

A new CLIO version was released today.This version adds logging of Best Bets usage, improves the interface for Articles publication dates, and updates location notes (see ticket list below). Improvements were made to the handling of several exception conditions, and gem libraries were updated.

NEXT-598 – Summon (Articles) dates: MM/DD/YYYY
NEXT-1503 – Best Bets Logging
LIBSYS-1642 – Barnard Archives change location note

19 September 2018

CLIO v8.9.3 went out today.This release focuses primarily on backend issues, including improvements to logging, batch tasks, and code consistency.The following JIRA tickets were resolved.LIBSYS-1598 – Redundant “Credit Line” 541 for Art
LIBSYS-1604 – Purge of deleted Law Library records

5 September 2018

Today we’re releasing CLIO version 8.9.2.This version sets the CLIO Articles search to display only Columbia’s holdings by default (see NEXT-1496). In addition this release includes some minor display improvements and gem updates.NEXT-1496 – Articles searches show Columbia Holdings only by default
LIBSYS-1561 – Updates for Barnard’s new library
NEXT-1514 – Updates for Barnard’s new library
NEXT-1529 – Display MARC 541, 561, 563 notes, when public
NEXT-1530 – Display MARC 775 – Other Editions

23 August 2018

Today we’re releasing CLIO version 8.9.0.This update is primarily to support the new version of Academic Commons released earlier this week. The Academic Commons datasource has been updated to query via API calls, instead of directly accessing the AC search engine.Beyond this, v8.9.0 includes a number of library updates, and support for Best Bets and Barnard Offsite requests.

2 August 2018

CLIO release 8.8.7 was deployed today.This minor release includes some software library updates, indexing tuning, and builds in support for an upcoming feature (best bet suggestions).Two tickets were addressed with this release.NEXT-1523 – Problem with arrow key toggle between records
NEXT-1526 – Display of references (MARC 510)

22 June 2018

This afternoon CLIO v8.8.6 was rolled out.This release updated a number of gem libraries, including security-related patches. The version of Ruby was also updated, from 2.4 to 2.5.In addition some minor tickets were addressed:

NEXT-1510 – update link to Butler stack guide
LIBSYS-1437 – Support for Journalism library closure

7 June 2018

CLIO v8.8.5 went out this afternoon.This release adds just a single feature – the ability to request bound-with serials from offsite. Bound-Withs are items that are physically bound with/within another item. The bound-with does not have a barcode, and cannot be directly accessed. Instead, requests need to be made to the title to which the item is bound.The Voyager-to-Solr extract now includes blind barcodes from item notes in the MARC 876$xCLIO now has a “request barcode” link to directly request that blind barcode
e.g.: now supports requests by barcode (instead of bib), and also provides some explanation for the bound-with situation.

16 May 2018

Today we released CLIO v8.8.3. This release primarily brings support for two library closures, Geology and Barnard. The Geology library will be closed, but collection material can still be used via a newly introduced paging form. Barnard material will be unavailable throughout the summer.This release also includes some display improvements to Offsite and Gift items.The following tickets were addressed:

  • LIBSYS-1365 – Geology closure:
    – Add note with link to paging form (to go into effect 5/18)
    – Remove Geology as a campus delivery location for Offsite material
    – Remove Scan & Delivery service for Geology material
    NEXT-1502 – Barnard closure
    – Add ‘Unavailable’ note to Barnard items (to go into effect 5/22)
    – Override Voyager item status with Unavailable for all Barnard items (5/22)
    – Remove Barnard as a campus delivery location for Offsite material
    – Remove Scan & Delivery service for Barnard material
    NEXT-1504 – Re-enable Borrow Direct and ILL services for Columbia Offsite items
    NEXT-1507 – Display ‘Gift’ labeling in accordance with cataloging tagsv8.8.2
    2 May 2018Today we released CLIO v8.8.2.
    This release includes a handful of interface improvements.
  • NEXT-1466 – Display use restrictions for Recap Shared material
    NEXT-1483 – Display subject categorizations from FAST if LCSH headings are absent
    NEXT-1484 – Boost search relevancy for the Atlantic Monthly magazine
    NEXT-1493 – Enable searching of items by fund code
    NEXT-1496 – Default Articles datasource to search beyond Columbia’s collection
    NEXT-1501 – Update the location details for Butler Media Center
    LIBSYS-1327 – Allow Audio/Video material to be requested via BorrowDirectv8.8.1
    4 April 2018Today we released CLIO version 8.8.1. This release addresses a number of outstanding tickets.
  • NEXT-239 – Add ‘ebook’ format icon
    NEXT-908 – Add top nav buttons to facet modal
    NEXT-927 – Move the CLIO Feedback window
    NEXT-936 – CLIO feedback content persists through hide/show
    NEXT-1009 – Internal handling of multiline 866 fields
    NEXT-1370 – Location text for Butler Reserves
    NEXT-1396 – Batch scheduling of ‘Full’ processing
    NEXT-1469 – Partner Summary Holdings in repetitive loop
    NEXT-1487 – Reciprocal links to both has lists
    NEXT-1490 – Use keyboard left/right arrow keys to go Previous/Next
    NEXT-1491 – Remove debug mode for staffPlease pass along any questions or comments.v8.8.0
    29 March 2018The Rails 5 release is now running in production. This update included a Blacklight upgrade and major updates to many other underlying libraries.This release was first deployed yesterday morning, but ran into a problem where active user sessions couldn’t transition from Rails 4 to Rails 5, and had to be rolled back. Inactive users (i.e., browsers w/out valid session cookies) should have been unaffected.This was unrelated to another systems problem, where the link resolver and many other web services became unavailable.Last evening after hours this CLIO release was redeployed, with the extra step of destroying any active sessions. Since then there have been a few minor bugs (e.g., in the RSS output), which have already been addressed.

23 February 2018

Minor gem updates
Fix specs
Turn off FACET-SEE-MORE logging (NEXT-908)
batch tweaks, update last-update/last-delete as we go, not at end of job

  • NEXT-908 – blacklight_config.default_more_limit = 500, now to prod
    NEXT-1419 – author search – add test spec
    NEXT-1461 – suppress links from recap partner records
    NEXT-1480 – Web Search Architectures – Google Custom Search?v8.7.1
    8 February 2018Gem updates
    batch – wrap optimize in begin/rescue for Net::ReadTimeout
    Atom feed – protects against bad params
    Rake – add an optimize following daily processing
    New rake task – ‘daily’ – to do all daily bib tasks together
    Remove old Authority code – no more Atomic Update
    Updates to Library Hours & Locations
  • NEXT-908 – turn of demo of full-screen facet values (use modals only)
    NEXT-908 – Add Rails logging of see-more-facet counts
    NEXT-908 – scroll position TOP when paginating within Ajax-modal
    NEXT-1419 – adjust author search fields
    NEXT-1481 – rename partner recap locationsv8.7.0
    20 January 2018Turn on pub_country_facet for clio_prod environment
    Run cumulative catch-up after each full slice
    Fetch new full files daily
    Odd haml comment issue
    Add cak2158 to ‘pilot’ permissions group
    Locations: 2nd occurrence of pmrr -> butler
  • NEXT-908 – scroll-through list of languages
    NEXT-1422 – tune long-query truncationv8.6.9
    16 January 2018Remove debugging
    Fix specs
    Locations fixture update to match updated Library HoursNEXT-1470 – Suppress broken BD and ILL links for ReCAP items

10 January 2018

Fixes to work against new Library Hours (drop ‘libraries’ table’)
Rake task to sync single library
Update ReCAP rake tasks
Minor gem updates
Bump Blacklight to 6.10, fix specs
Only do client-side timeout redirect for saved lists (and admin)
Add rake task bibliographic:extract:ingest_full_slice
More environment setup for running batch on service hosts (clio_app_dev,
Move authority-variants from separate job into main bibliographic ingest
Protect against missing MARC 008 during indexing
Fix pub_country_facet Solr indexing
xmllint ran out of memory – switch to xmlwf for well-formedness check
Try U.Mich Traject format classifier
Traject indexing: pub_country_facet (NEXT-1032), format_traject, “count” fields (NEXT-1360)

  • NEXT-877 – No timed logout for authenticated session
    NEXT-1275 – Sanitize Solr params (validate qt)
    NEXT-1433 – update cron for: rake hours:update_all
    NEXT-1464 – Advanced Search (incorrect escaping of quoted query strings)
    NEXT-1468 – Update Burke location linksv8.6.7
    20 November 2017Daily recap ingest/authorities
    Add ReCAP real-time status to other views (quick search sub panel, compact)
    Add more crons to whenever schedule.rb
  • NEXT-1436 – Results inconsistent / Advanced Search
    NEXT-1446 – xmllint input extract XML
    NEXT-1451 – batch deletes in slices of 1000
    NEXT-1458 – show CGD for selectors
    NEXT-1462 – relevancy displayv8.6.6
    16 November 2017Gem updates (including FactoryGirl –> FactoryBot renaming)
    Enable real-time status lookup of partner ReCAP items
    NEXT-1459 – Update CLIO page on Academic Commons
    NEXT-1460 – boost agricola
    NEXT-1461 – skip ALL 856 online links for ReCAP partner records

8 November 2017

Real-time status – skip law, include ReCAP partners
Improvements to ReCAP rake tasks
fix ‘deletes’ rake to use Blacklight update_url
NEXT-1440 – Batch fetch ReCAP incremental updates
NEXT-1453 – No Google Book view in CLIO record
NEXT-1454 – offsite status on index screen

October 23, 2017

Software libraries updates
Cleanup checked-out-items display
Support Bib indexing / querying to different Solr indexes
Updates to authority indexing batch
Improved error handling (SCSB Rest calls, etc.)
NEXT-1390 – whenever to prod (still not all jobs)
NEXT-1452 – Demo “Reseach Data” data source

October 13, 2017

Unavailable ReCAP items are “Checked Out”
Checked Out Items – fetch bib data from Solr for RECAP items
Fix test suite to work with ReCAP partner records
bug fix broken acquisition date indexing

October 9, 2017

Cleanup batch authority variants for ReCAP partner items
Adjust ingest rules for invalid Law records (multiple 001’s)
Add “checked-out-items” standalone page
NEXT-1446 – Voyager record 3462670, 789 subfield (“)
NEXT-1447 – CUL Offsite “Unavailable” –> “Checked Out”

September 28, 2017

Bugfix for missing ReCAP Partner records
NEXT-1428 – CLIO exposing ZIP packages and mets files for AC items

September 26, 2017

CLIO v8.6.0 was released this afternoon.This release addresses the following tickets. Some of these changes will take effect over time as records are indexed/re-indexed.
NEXT-1414 – Indexing of 960$f
NEXT-1421 – Normalization of Author heading with end diacritic
NEXT-1423 – Display 246 in CLIO Blacklight
NEXT-1427 – Export Citations only exports first 25 items on page
NEXT-1428 – CLIO display of Academic Commons records
NEXT-1432 – Index 541 Gift information
NEXT-1435 – Corrupt Leader in Solr recordsThis release also adds support for integrating ReCAP partner material into our OPAC. These records will be loaded and be available for Offsite requests later this week.NEXT-1405 – Add real-time ReCAP SCSB availability check
NEXT-1434 – Format classification for ReCAP partner records
NEXT-1439 – ReCAP Partner Record Display

July 27, 2017

Today we released CLIO v8.5, which significantly reduces time to display item holdings.This is a a major change to how holdings data is managed. Instead of calling our Voyager ILMS to lookup holdings data, this information is now embedded in our primary search engine. Circulation status is still dynamic, but other details (locations, notes, etc.) are part of the overnight data update.Besides the benefits to patrons, this will reduce load on our Voyager servers, and also prepares CLIO to accept partner data for the ReCAP shared collection project.This change has been under evaluation and testing for several weeks, however there may still be issues. Please pass along any questions or concerns.

July 12th, 2017

CLIO version v8.4.6 was released today.Most of the work in this release was related to batch processing and system modifications to adapt CLIO to new infrastructure and an improved data format.The following tickets were addressed:
NEXT-1353 – move ‘Explore’ link into header
NEXT-1402 – Broken AC links (new persistent identifiers)
CLIO-758 – return 404 status for invalid_solr_idPlease pass along any questions or concerns.

May 10th, 2017

Another small update to CLIO was released today.This release includes minor bug fixes, enhanced logging, library updates (including moving to Blacklight 6.9), and a minor interface improvement:NEXT-1353 – allow click through from bento to sources even if no hitsLet me know if there are any questions or concerns regarding this release.

April 12th, 2017

A minor release to CLIO was pushed out tonight.This release includes minor bug fixes and software updates.There should be no user-facing changes.

March 15th, 2017

A new CLIO release went out today. CLIO v8.4.3 includes several incremental software updates and work on a few JIRA tickets.Ruby, RVM, Rails, and Blacklight, as well as many other libraries, were bumped to newer versions.NEXT-1355 – Remove Summon and Legacy saved list links
NEXT-1378 – Remove all SolrMarc support
NEXT-1379 – Update Language MapWork was also made to prepare CLIO for the data format of the ReCAP middleware project.Let us know if there are any issues or questions regarding this weeks release.

February 1st, 2017

We’ve put up CLIO v8.4.2 tonight.This minor release completes the suppression of all Hathi limited-view items, and corrects a misconfiguration in the querying of Academic Commons records. Several minor gem libraries were updated as well.This closes tickets:NEXT-1357 – Only display ‘Full View’ Hathi Trust records
NEXT-1375 – AC items data is inflated

January 26th, 2017

I’m releasing CLIO 8.4.1 tonight.This includes a bug fix for the two lesser-used aggregate views, Dissertations and E-Books, (NEXT-1374 – sorting catalog results throws error)This also includes some improved work around the datasource hit-counts released last week. When the hit-count can be determined from the on-screen result set, the value is directly filled in, rather than requiring an additional server round-trip. This should improve hit-count display speed, reduce traffic on backend servers, and correct the confusing slightly-off hit counts we’ve been getting from the Summon datasource.Please continue to report anything that looks odd related to this hit-count feature. It’s new, and we’ll probably run into a few more oddities that’ll need ironing out.

January 18th, 2017

This evening CLIO v8.4.0 was deployed. This version adds two notable changes.First, we’ve added a new datasource, GeoData. This new datasource queries Columbia’s GeoData server ( for geospatial datasets.Second, CLIO now displays a hit-count next to the major datasources listed along the left sidebar. Hit counts are shown upon initial queries, and are then absent for complex datasource-specific queries (e.g, facets).

January 4th, 2017

Tonight a minor update to CLIO was deployed to production. In coordination with access restrictions to CLIO Legacy being put in place tomorrow, CLIO links to the Voyager OPAC have been updated. In addition, Hathi linking has been simplified.NEXT-1357 – In Hathi Trust records, display only “Full View” links
NEXT-1362 – Changes to support CLIO Legacy restrictions

November 16, 2016

A small CLIO release was deployed this evening.Patron facing changes include
NEXT-1261 – “See More” Department facet freezes for Academic Commons
NEXT-1263 – Question mark in QuickSearch causes search to fail
UNIX-4034 – update sender name (to “noreply”) on emailed citationsOther changes include improvements to system configuration and evaluation features.

November 2nd, 2016

This Wednesday evening CLIO 8.3.4 is being released. This release includes front-end and system-level changes related to a number of tickets.NEXT-1232 – RSS for saved lists
NEXT-1264 – Changes to Zotero citations
NEXT-1336 – Language updates to no-hits page
NEXT-1341 – Reorder Article Facets
NEXT-1345 – Serial link queries (Continued, Absorbed, etc.) not limited to Journals
NEXT-1346 – Display Former Title distinct from Other Title
NEXT-1347 – Improved system debugging
NEXT-1350 – Work to partially address slow holdings loads
LIBSYS-539 – Don’t reCAPTCHA for on-campus users

October 26, 2016

Tonight we’re releasing an update to CLIO, version 8.3.3.We found recently that CLIO’s record emailing feature was being abused to send spam. This release adds a reCAPTCHA to the email form. Unauthenticated users will need to click a checkbox, and possibly answer a verification question, before being allowed to send email. Authenticated users will not face the reCAPTCHA challenge.If there are any questions or concerns about this change, please let me knowThis release also includes support for several of the features now under review in our CLIO Test environment. With this support now in place, features can be toggled on/off via runtime configuration.

September 22, 2016

CLIO v8.3.2 is a backend system change to our SMTP relay.

August 24, 2016

Tonight’s release was CLIO version 8.3.1. We worked through some further CLIO maintenance.- The server was restarted to clear some systems level issues with host name resolution.
– We upgraded our version of the Ruby language from 2.2 to 2.3.
– This release also updates the Authority variant logic to stop using 550 values.

August 17, 2016

CLIO v8.3.0 went out tonight. This is a maintenance release only.- CLIO database server was reconfigured for better memory management and corrected permissions.
– Our included Blacklight gem was updated from version 5 series to version 6 series.
– Several other gem libraries were updated.
– Our continuous integration test suite was adjusted for better reliability.The Blacklight gem update has the potential to disrupt styling of our page content. Please pass along any reports of strange behavior or appearance.

August 3, 2016

Tonight we’re releasing CLIO 8.2.2. This small release includes work on a few display-oriented tickets.NEXT-1319 – Avery Art Properties hours
NEXT-1323 – Message for Law records
NEXT-1326 – Display authority variant terms in Librarian View
NEXT-1329 – Trouble sending email from iPhone

July 6, 2016

This evening we’re releasing CLIO 8.2.1.
This release addresses the following tickets.NEXT-1010 – Update HSL maps
NEXT-1306 – Converting ISBN-13 to ISBN-10 (upon reindexing)
NEXT-1313 – Eliminate references to Endnote
NEXT-1315 – Display 773 field in all formats
NEXT-1317 – Incorrect search results for series with parenthesis
NEXT-1319 – Avery Art Properties hours

May 25, 2016

Tonight we’re releasing CLIO v8.2.0.This release updates of our indexing library, from java-based SolrMarc to the Traject rails gem. Indexing with Traject is a faster and more flexible, which lets us move forward with our Authorities work. This evening we’re releasing the new indexing library. Tomorrow evening Invisible Authorities should start working in production.Changing the indexer required rewriting the full set of Columbia’s custom indexing rules. While things look good in testing, there could always be problems that show up in production. If there seem to be any data-related problems after this release, let us know and we’ll look into them.

May 4, 2016

Tonight a small CLIO upgrade was released to production.This included code reorganization to prepare for future Blacklight upgrades, better handing of a number of bad input conditions, a number of gem library updates, and a ruby version manager update.There are no user-facing changes.

April 27, 2016

This week’s CLIO release adds an Art Properties custom view and  addresses a number of small display-related issues.  The following issues were closed out:NEXT-1281 – Update the CLIO location information for Barnard
NEXT-1299 – Some complex holdings fail to load
NEXT-1301 – Library location pages should open in new window
NEXT-1304 – Art properties custom view
NEXT-1305 – More prominent display of “Shelved in…” (temp locations)
NEXT-1309 – Add “Purchase Item” to Request drop-down menu

March 2nd, 2016

CLIO v8.1.11 was released this evening. This is a minor bug fix release.The list of tickets included in this release is:NEXT-1293 – Shelf View using bib ids instead of titles
NEXT-1294 – Some flash messages not colorized
NEXT-1295 – Better series search on “Preceding”, “Continued”, “Absorbed”, etc.
NEXT-1297 – Database records still have brackets

February 24th, 2016

This evening CLIO release v8.1.10 was released.The following tickets are addressed by this update:NEXT-1289 – Complex volume holdings do not wrap
NEXT-1283 / NEXT-1288 / NEXT-1291 – Articles advanced search keyword bugIn addition, this brings us up to Blacklight 5.18, the final 5.x version of the library.
Blacklight 6.0 was first released in January. We’ll look to upgrade to this release in the coming months.

February 18th, 2016

CLIO v8.1.9 was released Wednesday evening.This release adds a link to a new “Item Feedback” form, to help patrons give direct feedback to library staff about specific holdings.We have also moved the application to current versions of Ruby (2.2) and Rails (4.2).

January 20th, 2016

The first CLIO release of the year, v8.1.7, was deployed this evening. This release includes a number of interrelated improvements to advanced search and fielded searches, for the Catalog and the Articles datasources, as well as a few additional small bugfixes.The following issues were addressed:NEXT-856 – CLIO articles cannot show more than 5 or 6 content types
NEXT-898 – Need to see all formats in an articles searchNEXT-920 – Publication title search not working as in native summon interface
NEXT-946 – Articles — Advanced author search not performing as expected
NEXT-963 – Advanced Articles Search does not search all terms entered
NEXT-1242 – Title search in articles not the same as in native Summon
NEXT-1262 – Journal title field does not work in Advanced Search
NEXT-1270 – Truncated list of content types in CLIO articles
NEXT-1277 – Donor information display issue
NEXT-1278 – Locations page photos not resizingPlease continue to pass along any questions or concerns.v8.1.5
December 9th, 2015CLIO v8.1.5 was released today.Tickets resolved with this release include:NEXT-1266 – Omit field 655$c (hierarchy designation)
NEXT-1267 – Improve Holdings formatting
NEXT-1272 – Display Borrow Direct before Recall/Hold
NEXT-1274 – Correct location details for “Business Collection”If there are any questions concerning this release, let me know.v8.1.4
October 28, 2015CLIO 8.1.4 was released this evening. This release improves application management for technical staff. There are no user-facing improvements.Cache statistics have been improved, including adding support for switching the cache store to Redis when that’s ready.Exception notifications have been refined to give systems staff more relevant information.CLIO Backend has been updated to make it’s caching time configurable at runtime instead of requiring a redeployment.Minor gem updates have been made to both CLIO and CLIO Backend.v8.1.3
October 21, 2015This evening we released CLIO version 8.1.3 to production. After talking with Gary, we’re going to try to standardize on a regular release window of Wednesday evenings.This version includes several small performance improvements.
– additional caching of generated item displays
– compression of more assets
– minor tuning of HTML for faster download & rendering
We’re looking into the use of a dedicated caching server (redis) for further improvements.In addition to minor bug fixes and general code cleanup, the following ticket also was resolved in this release.
NEXT-911 – Display uniform title in serial recordsLet me know if there are any questions.v8.1.2
September 24, 2015This release builds integration with web-based services for continuous integration (CI) testing, code coverage, and code quality metrics. Appropriate badges have been added to the project’s github page. To improve test suite reliability and performance, live API queries have been replaced with recorded transactions.In the user interface, the drop-down menu of search fields has been rewritten to use standard components. This resolves ticket NEXT-1204 – Select indexes with Tab key.v8.1.0
August 24, 2015With the Voyager upgrade now complete, we’ll be moving forward with the next CLIO release, moving authentication from WIND to CAS. CLIO 8.1.0 will be deployed after hours tonight, 8/24.WIND was a Columbia-developed customization of CAS, and is no longer supported or maintained. CAS is a standard protocol used by many institutions, with strong support and additional features, like single-sign-on.This release has been running on CLIO Test for the last two weeks. In addition to CAS, this release continues updates major libraries (Blacklight, Rails, Capistrano, RSpec).v8.0.2
August 4, 2015Today we moved CLIO to HTTPS-only. Any HTTP traffic will be redirected to HTTPS. Full URLs will be maintained, so any particular bookmarked search should retrieve the same content, just more securely than before.In conjunction with this I’ve deployed CLIO version 8.0.2. This changes text messages throughout the application from “http” to “https” (e.g., “Bookmark As” links). The LWeb Feedback form is now working again, and CLIO has been updated to point to the new version. This release also updates the version of the Blacklight library to 5.10.3.The next release, in mid-August, will move our Authentication system from WIND to CAS. Like many of our summertime releases, this should have no user-facing effect, but puts us on a more modern technology and enables things like SSO in the future.Please pass along any issues related which could be related to this update. This version has been running in development and test, but there’s always a chance of things showing up after release to production.v8.0.1
July 16, 2015Tonight after hours I’ll release CLIO 8.0.1. This version brings CLIO to Rails 4. Aside from this, there are no notable changes.Next week we’ll be moving CLIO to HTTPS only. Accessing CLIO over HTTP will automatically redirect the browser to an HTTPS connection. This configuration is already in-place on CLIO Dev and CLIO Test.This is a necessary prerequisite to moving from WIND to CAS authentication, which will be coming along in a few weeks.v7.11.9
June 24, 2015I’ve deployed CLIO 7.11.9 to production today. Again, this includes behind-the-scenes updates which help the codebase stay current, and some bug fixes, not front-end updates. Our bundled Blacklight is now v5.9.4, we’ve got a bit further to go to catchup to the newest release (5.13).One user-facing update was the addition of an icon for the recently introduced GovDoc formats, e.g.,
June 12, 2015This summer I’ll be working on updating the version of the Blacklight library we use for CLIO. Each bump to the Blacklight version means testing CLIO and then fixing any introduced issues. These updates may or may not give us improvements, but more importantly will make it easier to incorporate newer Blacklight-based functionality.I’ve just released CLIO version 7.11.8 to production, which has brought our Blacklight version from 5.3.0 to 5.7.2. There are no user-facing updates in this release.v7.11.7
May 22, 2015We’re releasing CLIO 7.11.7 this morning.This is a minor release, addressing several small bugs and improving handling of bad input data, network errors, and other edge conditions. Specific tickets include:NEXT-1175 – Gift icon, better styling with links
NEXT-1178 – EndNote export, avoid redirection errors
NEXT-1187 – Add MARC 546 “Language Note”
NEXT-1195 – Avoid CLIO hanging due to non-responsive backend API

April 24, 2015

CLIO version 7.11.5 is being released today.Links to digitized version of material at Hathi Trust have been improved to list visibility and dates of specific holdings. Beyond that, this update also includes a miscellany of interface and search improvements, and better handling of some exception conditions. Details of these updates are found in the the following tickets.NEXT-250 – Green check mark is not an obvious indication of availability (add tooltip)
NEXT-552 – Find a more visible icon for “online”; the chain link is difficult interpret
NEXT-934 – Restricted note not consistently shown (apply to all formats)
NEXT-961 – Incorporate Law records into CLIO (add requests note)
NEXT-1041 – Icon or other visual cue
NEXT-1099 – Acquisition Date facet cannot be negated (add tests)
NEXT-1140 – Special character not sorting properly (add tests)
NEXT-1157 – Quotation mark not sorting properly
NEXT-1163 – Add subfield f to title display
NEXT-1164 – Identifying partial coverage in CLIO for Hathi Trust items
NEXT-1166 – Indicate full text holdings for Hathi Trust
NEXT-1169 – Missing link on E-Books landing page
NEXT-1177 – Butler Reading Room locations do not pull up the new map pages
NEXT-1178 – After exporting to EndNote, add to my saved list exports again
NEXT-1180 – Donor info that spans 1 or 2 lines
NEXT-1181 – Changes for Locations API

March 20, 2015

Today we release CLIO version 7.11.4This includes updated Location pages with Google maps, improved styling, and better integration with the Columbia Libraries website. Additionally, book details have been enhanced to highlight Gift information. This release also includes a long list of general bug fixes, upgraded libraries, and improvements to web analytics.The following tickets have been resolved:NEXT-1125 – ghost of past search in item view search box
NEXT-1144 – Quicksearch Academic Commons items without handles do not link to item
NEXT-1158 – when you search a series of call numbers, have search box display last searched. not revert to 1st searched
NEXT-1172 – Add event tracking for clicks on Suggestions & Feedback
NEXT-1174 – Make close on Suggestions and Feedback form easier to find
NEXT-1175 – Use gift icon in holdings display with link to donor page
NEXT-1176 – Use Google Maps on location pages

January 15, 2015

We’re releasing CLIO 7.11.1 today. This release includes a much requested feature — a “virtual shelf browse”. When viewing an item in the Catalog we will now display, at the bottom of the record, links to enter a virtual shelf browse at that call number.Besides “virtual shelf browse”, we are reorganizing the list of data-sources to clarify that many sources are derived from the Catalog records, and we are adding location-specific notes to some items. Specific tickets addressed with this release include:NEXT-995 – Something like “shelf view”
NEXT-1143 Analytical entries improvements
NEXT-1145 – Deemphasize sub-sources of Catalog
NEXT-1147 – Add location note for Burke rare locations
NEXT-1150 – Message for items which cannot launch virtual shelf browse

December 4, 2014

A new release of CLIO was deployed to production this morning.With CLIO 7.10.9 we’ve updated the rules for determining the “Format” of items. This will mean significantly fewer items marked as format “Other”, and improvements to classification of “Computer Files”. Other work includes improvements to styling, error-handling, library updates, and, as always, many minor bug fixes.Specific tickets included in this round are:NEXT-1043 – Better handling of extremely long queries
NEXT-1107 – Pre-composed characters in facets
NEXT-1043 – Better handling of extremely long queries
NEXT-1141 – Improve Format Assignment
NEXT-1142 – search results scroll position

October 30, 2014

CLIO 7.10.8 was put up to production today.This is a minor release, including some bug fixes, some internal code cleanup, example config files, and library upgrades, and added fielded search for Location:NEXT-1113 – location search

October 17, 2014

CLIO version 7.10.7 has been released today. This release includes significant improvements to Zotero support as well as miscellaneous bugfixes and improvements in a number of areas. The following tickets have been addressed.NEXT-606 – Support for music, sound and video recordings in Zotero
NEXT-910 – Improvements to Citation Email form
NEXT-943 – Support for E-Books in Zotero
NEXT-1018 – Support for Zotero Publication details (place, year)
NEXT-1067 – Saved Lists handling of very large lists
NEXT-1081, NEXT-1127 – Apostrophe encoding in the title bar
NEXT-1103 – Catalog facet sorting controls
NEXT-1104 – Saved List page styling
NEXT-1118 – Insert Avery link to “Make an Appointment”
NEXT-1119 – Support for Subjects/Tags in Zotero
NEXT-1121 – Add subfield delimiter in Librarian view
NEXT-1124 – Update catalog item count
NEXT-1129 – Change text of NYSPI
NEXT-1130 – Multi-item Endnote export failingPlease send along any feedback of issues or concerns with this release.

September 5th, 2014

CLIO release 7.10.6 went out today.
This was a minor bugfix release addressing the following display issues:NEXT-1105 – Email window is off center
NEXT-1111 – Firefox, Search options drop-down menu

August 29nd, 2014

CLIO 7.10.5 went out today. This release focused on bug fixes and style improvements. The following tickets were addressed:

      • NEXT-1085 – Call Number Facet improvements
      • NEXT-1096/NEXT-1097 – “Add to Saved List” on Item Detail page
      • NEXT-1100 – Book bag only shows first 10 items
      • NEXT-1102 – CLIO Print Problem – item page stacks

August 22nd, 2014

CLIO version 7.10.4 was released today.This is a minor release, primarily addressing styling issues introduced with the recent Bootstrap upgrade. Mobile and print outputs were improved, per the following tickets:

      • NEXT-1090 – Navigating on i-phone more cumbersome
      • NEXT-1088 – CLIO print problems – font too small

In addition, the search engine was updated to better tune relevancy boosts and call-number faceting.

August 5th, 2014

I’ve just rolled out CLIO 7.10.3. This is the first public deployment of the Bootstrap 3 style updates. Most screens have been updated in one way or another. Style improvements are ongoing, but please report interface areas that need improvement.Besides the interface updates, the following issues have been addressed.Saved-List Related:

      • NEXT-912 – Problems with saved lists with ampersand in title
      • NEXT-881, NEXT-924 – Bookbag save no longer prompts login
      • NEXT-1044 – Not able to move items from bookbag to new list
      • NEXT-1056 – Not able to create a new folder in Saved Lists
      • NEXT-1067 – Saved Lists broken for very large lists (~400)


      • NEXT-950 – Boosts: Improve relevance scores for key resources
      • NEXT-1084 – CLIO Articles Search Auth/Non-Auth logic

Please pass along any questions or concerns with this release.

July 3rd, 2014

Release 7.10.2 of CLIO has gone out today.This version includes various bug-fixes and minor feature upgrades.
Specific tickets include:

      • NEXT-623 – Use CLIO New Arrivals instead of New Arrivals
      • NEXT-627 – Redirect newarrivals.cul to clio
      • NEXT-890 – CLIO Newspapers landing page update
      • NEXT-849 – “i” Information Content
      • NEXT-948 – Article searches from LWeb do not exclude newspapers
      • NEXT-977 – Series Title does not display via basic search
      • NEXT-1051, NEXT-1068, NEXT-1070 – Locations and Hours for Digital Centers
      • NEXT-1069 – 505s for Journals/Periodicals
      • NEXT-1071 – Math Library updates during Renovation
      • NEXT-1077 – Add labels to holdings information
      • NEXT-1078 – CLIO Articles limit 500 records, Summon 1,000
      • NEXT-1079 – Articles searches from landing-page not receiving default params
      • NEXT-1080 – Add 490 series statement to displays
      • NEXT-1081 – Apostrophe in the title bar renders incorrectly

Please let us know if there are any questions or concerns with this release.This does not include the Bootstrap 3/Blacklight 5 updates. The upgrade to Bootstrap v.3 changes the styles significantly, and it’s taking a while to get all the screens functioning normally again.

June 4th, 2014

The next version release of CLIO, 7.10.1, is going to production today. This release addresses a number of minor issues and begins a series of summertime updates to underlying components.The following tickets are included in this release:

        • NEXT-1012 – use handle for item link in AC records
        • NEXT-1046 – Sort databases by acquisition date
        • NEXT-1047 – Update 520 subfield codes
        • NEXT-1048 – i-button popover text not displaying
        • NEXT-1050 – Search for invalid ISBN (020$z)
        • NEXT-1054 – In the single item menu, change “Services” to “Requests”
        • NEXT-1059 – “Title begins with” doesn’t work with non-filing characters
        • NEXT-1066 – Series link with apostrophe failing

Many included libraries, including Blacklight, have been updated as well. The next release will continue these updates, including some (e.g., Bootstrap 3) which will affect the visual appearance of CLIO.

April 8th, 2014

Today we’re releasing CLIO 7.9.25 to production. This release includes a number of interface design updates and Solr search engine improvements.The following JIRA interface-related bugs and improvements have been addressed:

            • NEXT-822 – Search box style suggestions
            • NEXT-956 – Show “Ask a Librarian” chat box when a search has no hits
            • NEXT-983 – Improvements to database discovery interface (styles, language)
            • NEXT-986 – Redirect CLIO Help menu link
            • NEXT-988 – Label the Call Number field
            • NEXT-1011 – Correct series links on item views
            • NEXT-1015 – Support search-results navigation (Next/Prevous) from MARC View
            • NEXT-1026 – Clicking ‘All Results’ for Libraries Website from Quicksearch shows an XML file
            • NEXT-1027 – Relabel ‘All #### results’ on Quicksearch
            • NEXT-1028 – Make facet state (open/closed) sticky through a selection
            • NEXT-1033 – Increase the size of the CLIO search box

The Solr search index has been improved in various ways over the last several weeks:

          • Improved average performance through better server memory management
          • Improved longer query performance (over 6 words) by increasing “minium-match” value (NEXT-872,- NEXT-1024)
          • Better tokenization to improve exact matches (NEXT-1035, NEXT-1036)
          • Updated apostrophe-handling to correct problems with apostrophes within double-quotes (NEXT-998, NEXT-999, NEXT-1023, NEXT-1034)

Let me know if there are any questions, and please continue to pass along any issues, whether they seem related to the above changes or not.

March 6th, 2014

The 7.9.24 release of CLIO has gone up to production this afternoon.Updates to the front-end interface include the following tickets:

              • NEXT-245, NEXT-562, NEXT-591 – Improved MARC/Librarian View
              • NEXT-734 – Print improvements for search results pages
              • NEXT-947 – Contextual availability of the “Start Over” link
              • NEXT-993 – Flashing advanced search
              • NEXT-996 – Rename “Pegasus” link
              • NEXT-1009 – Improved display of multiple 866 fields in the holding records

Behind-the-scenes work for this version includes expanded testing, cleanup of CSS and JavaScript, and some minor performance improvements.

February 6th, 2014

CLIO 7.9.23 is being released today.With this release we are now including roughly 450,000 bibliographic records from the library of the Columbia Law School.  Other updates include improvements to Atom feeds and print output, further work on single-word journal titles, and display of additional MARC data fields.  Behind the scenes, we’ve put work into improving handing of bad client requests, further tweaking responsiveness, and enhancing analytics.  Tickets worked on during this release cycle include:

              • NEXT-330 – Further improvements to single word journal titles
              • NEXT-425 – robots.txt, convert to local per-instance file
              • NEXT-485 – RSS feeds from CLIO Beta don’t display item content
              • NEXT-612 – Quick search page doesn’t let you start over
              • NEXT-745 – Better searches by filing title, (searching “ABC”, for title “The ABC”)
              • NEXT-765 – MARC 787 (Related To) field not showing up
              • NEXT-865 – improve styling for print-output of item-detail-page
              • NEXT-945 – Fedora non-PDF downloadable objects are given the PDF icon
              • NEXT-954 – Improve Landing Page access
              • NEXT-961 – Incorporate Law records into CLIO
              • NEXT-970 – Some bibs assigned format “Computer File” instead of “Other”
              • NEXT-971 – Some WorldCat links to CLIO broken / OCLC-defined 079a not being indexed
              • NEXT-978 – “Back” button broken in CLIO
              • NEXT-990 – Permissions for Database Alerts – add new unis

Our automated test suite is extended with every release, but bugs always slip through.  Please pass along any problem reports that seem to be related to this release.

January 4th, 2014

CLIO 7.9.22 has been released to production.This update includes a number of index updates related to searching and sorting.
Specific tickets addressed include:

              • NEXT-415 – ‘New Yorker’ should sort before ‘New Yorker Volkszeitung’
              • NEXT-421 – Search terms with both hyphen wildcard get no hits
              • NEXT-437 – Remove the separator between location and call number
              • NEXT-783 – Question marks don’t search in CLIOBeta
              • NEXT-824 – Improved handling of Apostrophes and Apostrophe-like diacritics
              • NEXT-867 – Better sorting of single-word journal titles
              • NEXT-941 – Parallel titles/subtitles display problem
              • NEXT-958 – Item-selection not working
              • NEXT-962 – CLIO catalog A-Z sort should respect word boundaries

December 5th, 2013I’ve just released CLIO 7.9.21 to production.This release includes the view-related updates previewed over the last few weeks:
– The per-page menu has been renamed “Display Options”
– The active “per page” option now shows a checkmark, and is remembered between sessions
– The Catalog offers a Compact View option, which is remembered between sessions
– Lists of four or more holdings are collapsed on the Catalog search results screen
– Abbreviating the title to the first 100 character in the Compact View
– Thinning the box-border in Compact View to match Standard ViewIn addition, the following tickets have been resolved with this release:

              • NEXT-93, NEXT-821, NEXT-930 – Number results in Index page
              • NEXT-113 – Do not make api request for online-only resources
              • NEXT-836 – Articles: can’t uncheck multiple options at the same time
              • NEXT-917 – remove redundant Summary display
              • NEXT-922 – Advanced search item pagination skips records from search-results list
              • NEXT-933 – Academic Commons switching to DOIs
              • NEXT-955 – marc field 965 not searchable

November 1st, 2013

This release includes two changes to catalog search interface:No more default stemming:  this version changes how search terms are matched such that a search for orientalism will no longer match oriented and a search for Methodism will not longer retrieve method, methods, methodical.  Use the wildcard “*” at the end of a search term to expand the search results: agnostic* finds agnostic, agnostics, agnosticism, etc.We also no longer return results that match on a library location (so a keyword search for Judith Butler will not return among its results all items shelved in Butler Library by anyone named Judith).  The location (in this case “Butler Stacks”) facet remains in place for filtering results by location.This release resolves the following tickets:

      • NEXT-51 – A user can disable/enable stemming on advanced search.
      • NEXT-350 – System supplied Automatic truncation is causing unexpected results
      • NEXT-514 – A search for women physics should return exact matches before stemmed terms
      • NEXT-677 – It would be ideal if stemming could be reworked so the results for search on methodism are not overwhelmed by hits on the word method
      • NEXT-722 – stemming causes a search for orientalism to find every record with the word object in it
      • NEXT-723 – orientalism retrieves orient / oriented / etc.
      • NEXT-871 – Disable stemming by default

October 11th, 2013This release includes only a small number of display updates:

              • NEXT-640 – Records in CLIO should include links to Hathi Trust
              • NEXT-882 – Add 515 to note_book in marc display fields
              • NEXT-923 – Add “Bookmark As” URL to catalog item detail pages
              • NEXT-931 – Online Links in Holdings (not in the Bib) should display

Please take a look at your favorite example records to see the changes in action.Behind the scenes there has been ongoing code cleanup, and updates to
make the code work better against the new non-stemming, no-location index.
We’ve also made progress towards SolrCloud, which will give us additional
reliability and possibly a small performance boost.

September 9th, 2013

CLIO 7.9.14 has just been pushed to production. This release contains a large number of smaller bug fixes and cleanup for miscellaneous unreported problems, as well as the below list of specific JIRA tickets and issues.One important piece of new functionality is support for per-datasource Warning messages. This will allow us to add a message to, e.g., all Summon-based searches, to alert users about any service interruptions.

              • NEXT-853 – Use “Citation Online” for ALL Summon records which aren’t Full Text
              • NEXT-880 – Newspaper search scope bug
              • NEXT-881 – Improve ‘Unauthorized’ message when saving to book bag
              • NEXT-885 – Update Map link for University Archives
              • NEXT-888 – CLIO not finding Academic Commons Dissertations
              • NEXT-889 – Update Hours mapping for Butler Reference
              • Support for per-datasource warnings
              • Library Hours fixes for Barnard Archives & Special Collections
              • Style fixes for Holdings
              • Relabel “Document Delivery” to “Scan & Deliver”

At the Systems level, CLIO has done well for the first week of the term. CLIO and many other systems were affected by problems with the underlying CUIT storage network and one of the CLIO datasources (Summon) has had performance problems. CLIO itself, though, has been stable. While usage has climbed by about a third at mid-day, search request timings have been roughly constant. We’ll continue monitoring CLIO from the systems perspective as the semester continues and adjust things as necessary.v7.9.1
August 19, 2013CLIO 7.9.1 has been released to production. This includes the first public release of list-management – both the ability to operate upon a list of items from the search-results screen, and the Saved List capability.The Lists features are not fully polished, but we need to start getting real-world feedback to clean this up for September. I expect we’ll be making daily releases for a while as we rapidly address bugs and interface problems. Please send along any suggestions.

August 16, 2013

              • Articles: Add advanced search panel
              • Articles: Add drop-down menu of fields to basic search
              • Articles: Fix bug with search terms not resetting
              • Articles: Support search by Publication Title
              • Articles: Correct articles date formatting
              • Articles: Allow sorting of advanced search results
              • Articles: Keep search terms in search box
              • Display issue with “Access Requirements” word-break
              • “All Fields” should be default for Catalog search
              • Support New Arrivals timeframes up to 1 year
              • Correct links to CLIO Legacy, etc.
              • Display unlinked 880 fields
              • Add further handling of errors and exception conditions
              • Performance and reliability of on-campus IP-address checks
              • Improvements to the development and testing environments

August 1, 2013

This version primarily addresses a large number of bugs, most of them identified from system-level error logging rather than user feedback:

              • Date Range filter lost by next/prev links
              • Fix author link with trailing initial
              • Fix display of untitled LibraryWeb documents (DAM files)
              • Better handling of various client-side error conditions:
                • corrupt parameters from misbehaving crawlers
                • truncated URLs (incomplete CGI parameter keys or values)
                • lost search context (from time-out sessions, or from multi-window browsing)
              • Improvements to communication with Backend Voyager API
              • Support for LWeb “Custom Searches” by passing-thru additional params to GSA

July 11, 2013

This release includes:

              • Further updates to Landing Pages and links
              • Enable next/previous links within New Arrivals and Archives
              • Logging in now redirects to current page instead of homepage
              • Update to location hours for DSSC
              • Bugfixes to left-anchored (“Begins With”) title search
              • Allow re-use of feedback form multiple times on a single page
              • Remove “Unknown Status” message when there is no linked item record

June 12, 2013

I’ve just released CLIO 7.7.18 to dev, test, and production.  This last week’s activity has been focused on back-end and infrastructure issues, in response to the usage we’ve seen since launch.Changes between 7.7.13 and 7.7.18 include:

              • moving to a new server (from rossini to berlioz)
              • moving clio-backend (holdings lookups) to a new server (from rossini to bruckner)
              • improve clio-backend error-handling and fedora lookup performance
              • improved management of malformed HTTP requests (invalid IP’s, bad paths, IP-spoofing)
              • eliminating redundant stylesheet loading (better performance, better IE support)
              • adding a warning for users of IE under version 10
              • updating location-to-hours-calendar mappings
              • misc. typos, link errors, html fixes, etc.

June 3, 2013

Change between 7.7.9 and 7.7.13 include:

              • removal of “beta” language throughout
              • improvements to print output
              • corrections to links to now-deployed LibraryWeb
              • moving “Login” to “Staff Login”, under the Help menu
              • remove “Bad URL” label from non-http 856u values
              • fix occasional error in facet display labels
              • cleanup extraneous log warnings

Additionally, our data is back to overnight syncing between Voyager and CLIO.Throughout this production release we’ve been monitoring the various servers now involved in supporting CLIO.  As anticipated, we are nowhere near having capacity issues.  We will, though, be working with the SysAdmins over the coming weeks to tune our systems in anticipation of higher traffic later in the year.

May 24, 2013

This release includes primarily style improvements and bug fixes.

              • Integrate Erik Ryerson’s CSS updates to harmonize with LWeb
              • Links to Legacy Resources on landing pages (as demoed)
              • Newly customized top-left drop-down menu of catalogs & resources
              • Adjustments to available fielded searches in E-Journals datasource
              • NEXT-584, Corrections to facet Open/Close indicators
              • NEXT-601, NEXT-675 – add fields 533 and 789 to record display
              • NEXT-672, default number of results raised from 10 to 25
              • NEXT-714, left-anchored search bug fix
              • NEXT-717, restrict Articles pagination to 50
              • NEXT-719, typo
              • NEXT-699, NEXT-711, correction to SMS popup for certain browsers

May 16, 2013This release includes:

              • Patron Services link out to skinned Voyager pages
              • SMS links to current Voyager SMS (and relabeled “Send to Phone”)
              • Facet chevrons replaced by plus/minus
              • NEXT-671, per-page logic fixes
              • NEXT-700, LWeb pagination bug
              • NEXT-701, NEXT-697, sort/paginate at bottom of view
              • NEXT-705, advanced search fields default to “All Fields”
              • NEXT-712, restrict Summon E-Books to Online=True

May 10, 2013CLIObeta 7.7.5 released to dev/test
I’ve released a CLIObeta update to the dev and test servers.
This release includes:

              • Remaining Library Hours fixes
              • Databases Alerts/Notes revisions, per ERIWG meeting
              • Google Books covers improvements (no 30-item limit)
              • Fixed single-item SMS/Email (unbroken, but still flawed)
              • Landing page cleanup for Libraries Website

May 3, 2013This release includes:

              • Some fixes to Library Hours
              • Zotero support for all sources except LibraryWeb
              • misc. bug fixes

Zotero support for Catalog-based sources is based on unapi and uses the full MARC record.
Zotero support for Summon and Academic Commons is based on COINS, and is less detailed.
There is currently no Zotero support for mixed-source searches (Quicksearch, E-Books, Dissertations).v4.2.0
Apr 23, 2012

              • Added Zotero support to: Quicksearch, Catalog list, Database list, Academic Commons list.

Apr 20, 2012

              • Zotero integration
              • Pagination at the bottom of articles
              • Search box on item view
              • Courses reserves link
              • Better google analytics tracking
              • Academic Commons range limit works
              • Fixed some wonkiness with starting new searches on articles

Mar 23, 2012

              • New landing pages
              • Cite this removed
              • Several bugs fixed with how article holding links display
              • Changed ‘topic’ facets to ‘subject’

Mar 6, 2012

      • New version of the summon API

Mar 6, 2012

      • Summon:
        • Linking should now be functioning properly. Reference, audio recording, and other resources will directly go to the resource, and e-links for journal articles should work better.
        • E-Link screen will now include more help options, and also include book resources.
        • Interlibrary loan requests can now be made from the CLIOBeta e-link screen.
      • Catalog:
        • Fixed issues with button not working for facets.
        • After some work, decided to remove Cite This: we can’t provide good citations without a lot of work, and even then, the MARC data may not be good enough. Given that it only works for very simple records right now, it’s easier to just let students rely on citation services we already support
        • Added to records with google books the ability to search within the book through google books.
        • Date range facet for easier browsing by publication date.
      • Databases:
        • Improved and refined facets, and display fields for databases.
      • General UI:
        • Resources with many holdings will now display a collapsed view that allow users to expand to see the full holding list.
        • Improved cues for books which have only some holdings available.

Feb 3, 2012

      • Fixed problems with library web URLs

Feb 3, 2012

      • Fixed a few minor bugs
      • Fixed links going to the wrong places
      • Differentiation between holdings and bib info is a bit starker

Feb 2, 2012

      • Interface redesign
      • Academic Commons now included in Quicksearch
      • Library web as a resource

Jan 17, 2012

      • Academic Commons and an early version of Databases are enabled.
      • Now daily updates to the catalog.

Dec 20, 2011

      • Upgrade to SOLR 3.5

Nov 27, 2011

      • Several wording fixes
      • Removed more CJK errors
      • Changed favicon
      • Google books view on item level page

Nov 27, 2011

      • Added favicon
      • Added landing page text

Nov 17, 2011

      • URL for offsite request now correctly formatted in services menu
      • Can now download a catalog record as MARC-XML or MARC binary format
      • More items – including videos and books – have customized records
      • Holdings now appears faster on reload
      • Call Number is now displayed in catalog search results
      • Can look at new arrivals from the catalog
      • Minor sources are now hidden automatically on catalog and articles displays
      • Explanations of datasources are included on landing pages
      • Items that are available online have a green check not a yellow check
      • In the single record display, verbiage is singular: “Request:” not “Requests:”
      • Services updated to use new clio beta specific CGIs
      • Spacing evened out in item-level views

Oct 31, 2011

      • Fixed bug with layouts appearing on email/sms forms.

Oct 31, 2011

      • New production instance added: ( also redirects here).
      • Huge revamp to interface: added datasources on left, consistent toolbar.
      • Added pagination, simplified facets for article search.
      • Added ebooks search: combines clio ebooks with summon ebooks.
      • Quicksearch now searches catalog, articles, and library web.
      • Subject topics now are display in a hierarchical manner on the item level page.
      • Contents and notes field now properly break between items.
      • Feedback form now on right hand side.
      • Lots of other small fixes.

Oct 19, 2011

      • Changed interactions with the holdings server slightly, so it won’t try to save sessions: this is apparently not working that reliably. It’ll slow down holdings requests slightly, but for now, it’s what keeping things working.

Oct 19, 2011

      • Bug: Document Delivery service now displays correctly
      • Bug: Feedback form wasn’t including page/version information properly
      • Improvement: Many many web server tweaks to improve performance. This should be really noticeable: check out this for a comparison (both in load time and size)

Oct 19, 2011

      • Fixed error with emailing records.

Oct 18, 2011

      • new logo, thanks Jeffrey and Sarah.
      • removed ebooks from selectable sources,
      • fixed up how location displays work
      • replaced upper right corner with persistent help (yes, this means selected item/search history has left: they’re not forgotten)
      • fixed errors with lweb with 0 results
      • summon results without a 360link page link directly to resource. I’m not sure the method I’m using for this is correct: basically, if full text is available, I’m passing them along to our 360 link page. If not, I’m going to the url they list.

Oct 18, 2011

      • Loads in catalog holdings on the item level dynamically. If the request fails, it will offer the user the opportunity to retry.
      • Changed toolbar icons to be downward triangles, and cleaned up border display on dropdowns.
      • All changes discussed, plus item-level author links should go to the author facet successfully.

Aug 30, 2011

      • author facet now enabled