Coumbia University GIS specialists from CIESIN, ISERP, GSAPP and the Libraries contribute to the CU Spatial Blog on various topics including events, tips, news and anything related to GIS.

The Authors Are

Cody Aichele, Senior Res Staff Assistant (CIESIN)

Mark Becker, Associate Director (CIESIN)

Tricia Chai-Onn, Staff Associate (CIESIN)

Jeremiah Christensen, GIS/Map Librarian (Libraries)

Eric Glass, GIS/Metadata Librarian (Libraries)

Malanding Jaiteh, Senior Staff Associate (CIESIN)

Allison Lacko, Research Staff Assistant (CIESIN)

Kytt MacManus, Staff Associate (CIESIN)

Sneha Rao, GIS Specialist (CIESIN)

Danny Sheehan, GIS Specialist (ISERP)

Sarah Williams, Co-Director Spatial Information Design Lab (GSAPP)


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