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GIS Workshop – Intro to ModelBuilder I

GraphicOn Wednesday 6/22 starting at 10:30am will be part I of the Intro to ModelBuilder workshop. This will be a one hour hands-on workshop covering the basic concepts and best practices for working with ModelBuilder and how to create custom tools from models.

ModelBuilder is an application in ArcGIS used to create and edit models or workflows, stringing together geoprocessing tools. The models can either run in ModelBuilder, setup to run as a tool in ArcToolbox or even exported to a Python script.

All attendees must have some basic knowledge of ArcGIS, and at least know how to add data, save a project file (mxd), and access tools in ArcToolbox.

Workshop Registration

Python & Geoprocessing Workshop this Friday.

This Friday (4/17) between 10:30am – 1pm, EDS will host the new workshop ,”Introduction to Python & Geoprocessing.”  The workshop will be conducted by Sneha Rao from CIESIN.

The two and half hour workshop will give an overview of:
-     What is Geoprocessing?
-        Introduction to Python
-        Basic Data Types
-        Variables
-        Statements, Expressions and Functions
-        File Handling
-        Program Execution
-        Applying Python in Geoprocessing
-        Demo of Model Builder

There will be several examples and short hands-on exercises working with
Python 2.5 and a demo presentation of using scripts in Model Builder included in ESRI ArcMap
software.  Basic knowledge and understanding of GIS is recommended. The workshop is
meant for those without any programming/scripting experience or would like a refresher on
the basics. Register through the GIS Workshops page.