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NYPL Mapping NYC

Matt Knutzen has done an amazing job putting together a KMZ index of digitized NYC map collections from the NYPL Map Division.

Check out his post with some recommendations on how to use it, and then download it.

There’s also a short video called Mapping the World which is part of the Treasures of NYPL Video Series which is worth checking out.

It’s narrated by both Alice Hudson, the Chief of the map division and Matt Knutzen, the Assistant Chief.


I came across EarthWalker (main page is in Japanese) and one of the software listed on the site from a book called GIS-Based Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences which has an article on PhotoWalker.

The PhotoWalker page as well as the manual are available in both English and Japanese.

The tool was developed at the Center for Spatial Information Sciences at the University of Tokyo, providing the ability to link photos together in either spatial, temporal, and semantic relationships through a method called Spatio-Temporal Association with Multiple Photographs (STAMP).

Spatial relationships are created by drawing polygons in photographs connecting the same object represented in both images, multiple paths can be created allowing for multiple narratives. It was originally designed as a tool for researchers in the field of ethnographic studies but I can definitely see uses in many other fields as well.

There are two other software listed on the website that I haven’t downloaded yet, but make sure to checkout the gallery for GeoWalker which has a few sample videos that are worth checking out. The text in Japanese on PlantWalker says it isn’t up yet.