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John Hessler speaking tomorrow

ny map society logoJohn Hessler from the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division is speaking at the next New York Map Society meeting tomorrow (Saturday 2/13) at NYPL on 5th & 42nd starting at 2:30.

His talk is titled "In the Footsteps of Caesar: Searching for the Physical, Epigraphical and Manuscript Remains of Roman Cartography".

He uses GIS quite a bit in his research, a full description of the talk is listed on the NY Map Society meetings page.

You can also read more from John on his Warping  History blog.

Library of Congress GIS Day

If you’re in the DC area next week Wednesday, There’s a great two hour program called Research Orientation to GIS from 10:30 – noon at the Libary of Congress Geography and Map Reading Room in celebration of GIS day.

There are two speakers, the first will talk about computer modeling and statistical research on Portolan Charts of the Mediterranean Sea from 1250 – 1600, and the second will talk about spatial software tools available for data analysis.

(the image is from the LC collection, part of the Portolan atlas of the Mediterranean Sea)